qantas under fire over 'exorbitant' wa airfares, calls for cheaper airport fees

Nicolas Perpitch

qantas executives grilled about why regional airfares in western australia are so expensive seek to blame high regional airport costs, saying "something is not right".

2017-09-11 02:15:03  

ten network administrator reveals why it favoured cbs bid

David Chau

ten network's administrators kordamentha bow to pressure from the murdoch-gordon camp, and reveal why they chose the cbs bid.

2017-09-11 01:08:44  

itunes scammers have cost victims $540k so far this year, accc says

Peter Ryan

the consumer watchdog ramps up its warnings about scammers who are targeting older victims to pay for alleged services with itunes gift cards, with more than 1,200 people losing $540,000 so far this year.

2017-09-10 11:56:06  

is private health insurance worth the money?

Tracy Bowden

heather carey has had private health insurance for more than 40 years, but when she really needed it, her insurer let her down … twice.

2017-09-10 10:49:04  

banks warned over default risk from $500b in 'liar loan' mortgages

Michael Janda

up to a third of australian mortgages could be "liar loans" based on inaccurate information, warns investment bank ubs, raising the risk of widespread home loan defaults if the housing market suffers a downturn.

2017-09-10 10:14:54  

arguments for expanding mcarthur river mine 'almost comical'

Jane Bardon

glencore's economic arguments for being allowed to keep expanding its controversial mcarthur river mine do not withstand scrutiny according to analysis by the australia institute.

2017-09-10 09:54:11  

demolition of sydney heritage facade a 'two-fingered salute'

Louise Hall And Riley Stuart

a potts point residents' group accuses a singapore-based developer of hiding its destruction of the facade of hensley hall to make way for apartments, leaving only two "symbolic" gables.

2017-09-10 09:54:11  

energy crisis worsened by government interventions: grattan institute

Peter Ryan

governments could be making the nation's energy security crisis worse through rushed interventions to soothe voter concerns about surging energy bills, the grattan institute warns.

2017-09-10 07:18:58  

apple is about to get rid of your app graveyard for good

Peter Marsh

when ios 11 releases, apple could kill up to 200,000 apps. here's how to find out if any of the apps on your phone face the chopping block.

2017-09-10 07:02:24  

this week in finance: rba on hold as gdp growth remains sluggish

Stephen Letts

gdp is not exactly steaming ahead, and while exports have picked up, the net effect of trade is unlikely to boost the economy in the second quarter.

2017-09-02 06:43:55  

australia and timor-leste strike deal to end bitter maritime boundary row

Jane Norman

foreign minister julie bishop hails a "landmark" breakthrough in the long-running dispute between australia and timor-leste over territory in the timor sea, which contains large oil and gas deposits worth an estimated $40 billion.

2017-09-02 04:01:53  

turnbull renews gst 'floor' promise, but doesn't say when it will happen

Eliza Laschon

prime minister malcolm turnbull tries to claim the moral high ground in the ongoing gst debate, again claiming his party is the only one promising an ongoing solution.

2017-09-02 01:32:13  

why china is tuning in to live streams from aussie shops

the rise of the middle class in china is fuelling a shopping phenomenon in australia, where tens of thousands of so-called "daigou" shoppers are buying products to sell via chinese social media platforms.

2017-09-01 06:33:13  

the iron ore rollercoaster: why this price spike delivers little to wa coffers

Kathryn Diss

a $1.7 billion royalty revenue hit is expected in next week's state budget despite iron ore prices jumping this year, giving miners a large profit boost.

2017-09-01 06:33:13  

sandalwood company quintis thrown a lifeline by creditors

Matt Brann

embattled indian sandalwood company quintis stays above water after creditors agreed to an extra six months to settle its $aud13.73 million interest repayment.

2017-09-01 12:22:57  

cba responds to report on its "large-scale" failure to monitor transactions

David Chau

commonwealth bank responds to media reports it commissioned an internal review showing "large-scale" failures in transaction monitoring across its us, asia and europe businesses.

2017-08-31 11:03:06  

hobart is 'best performing' property market as sydney's growth slows

David Chau

australia's housing market is continuing to cool down with almost no growth recorded across the capital cities last month, according to corelogic's home value index.

2017-08-31 09:08:24  

no-go for viagogo from consumer watchdog

the accc is taking on international online ticket seller viagogo over alleged inflated prices for concert and sports tickets.

2017-08-27 10:51:07  

expedia boss appointed as new uber ceo

ride-sharing service uber has picked expedia's ceo dara khosrowshahi to replace controversial co-founder travis kalanick as its ceo, according to us media reports.

2017-08-27 09:18:55  

us giant cbs to buy troubled ten network, launch potential netflix rival

Peter Ryan

the ten network will be purchased by the us-based broadcasting giant cbs, with the company to launch the digital subscription video on-demand service cbs all access in the australian market.

2017-08-27 07:44:11  

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