a time traveller evades the law again and again in sci-fi short echo/back

Cheryl Eddy

video. in tristram geary's echo/back, a strange virus strikes that enables the infected to time travel, but only in very short bursts -- mere seconds into the past or future. the results are mostly chaotic, both for the world at large and the fi

2017-08-31 02:00:00  

the fda just approved the first 'living' therapy to treat childhood leukaemia

Kristen V. Brown

on wednesday, the us food and drug administration approved a treatment that genetically modifies a patient's own blood cells in order to attack childhood leukaemia, a landmark decision opens the door for an era of fda-sanctioned human gene modif

2017-08-31 01:00:00  

war for the planet of the apes will be getting a serious awards push

Germain Lussier

matt reeves' latest film, war for the planet of the apes, is something of an anomaly. on the surface, it's a big-budget winter blockbuster. but when you actually watch it, it feels much more like a poignant, bleak movie with oscar potential. and

2017-08-31 12:00:00  

those adorable chinese spider-man: homecoming posters are totally fake

Beth Elderkin

sorry, folks. spider-man didn't ride a horse, play with pandas, or take a nap next to the great wall. the posters for china's release of spider-man. homecoming are a hoax. more »     

2017-08-30 11:30:00  

cassini stared into saturn's polar abyss, and it's creepy as hell

Rae Paoletta

image cache. as cassini's tour of saturn comes to a close, nasa's getting a bit nostalgic. this week, the space agency released a photo of saturn's north pole the doomed spacecraft took on april 26 -- the day it started its grand finale. it's al

2017-08-30 11:00:00  

the first teaser for j.k. simmons' new sci-fi show couldn't have less sci-fi in it

Germain Lussier

video. the pitch is exciting. oscar winner j.k. simmons, an amazing actor we'd pay to see in anything, stars in an espionage show that takes place across parallel universes. boom, done, sign us up, right? more »    

2017-08-30 10:30:00  

ancient, sharp-toothed whales are upending cetacean history

George Dvorsky

all living whales are descended from terrestrial mammals, but how these aquatic creatures evolved into giant filter-feeders remains a biological mystery. new research shows that ancient whales had razor-sharp teeth similar to land-based carnivor

2017-08-30 10:00:00  

hurricane harvey stalls us repair facilities for apple and dell

Bryan Menegus and Alex Cranz

as texas recovers from the battering winds and record-setting rainfall of hurricane harvey, apple and dell customers elsewhere in the us are learning the storm may have some unforeseen consequences. more »     

2017-08-30 09:30:00  

over 500 years later, astronomers solve an explosive stellar mystery

Ryan F. Mandelbaum

on the night of 11 march 1437, korean astronomers recorded a strange light low in the sky, in the tail of the constellation scorpius. it must have been at least as bright as the north star, polaris, maybe even as bright as the stars of the big d

2017-08-30 09:00:00  

weep at this superhero tv show from a video game where nazis won world war ii

Evan Narcisse

video. he isn't superman or batman, that's for sure. more »     

2017-08-30 08:30:00  

adorable animal subsisting on wildflowers and kindness is in serious danger

Rae Paoletta

the american pika (ochonta princeps) is one of the few unproblematic faves we have left. these tiny animals roams the mountainous regions of the western united states, doing absolutely nothing wrong. seriously, all these little floofs do is munc

2017-08-30 08:00:00  

terrifying video shows hippos rescuing a wildebeest from the jaws of a crocodile

George Dvorsky

video. while on safari in northeastern south africa, a retired couple witnessed a harrowing scene involving a crocodile and a rather unfortunate wildebeest. but just when things appeared most grim for the reptile's next meal, something completel

2017-08-30 07:30:00  

at this moment, i know the perfect amount about the last jedi

Germain Lussier

recently i was sitting around thinking about star wars. the last jedi, as i tend to do, and had a profound realisation. i realised that even though i think i know a lot about the movie, i really don't know anything at all. and that realisation m

2017-08-30 07:00:00  

hurricane harvey has left a chemical plant near houston ready to detonate

Tom McKay and Dell Cameron

as hurricane harvey's floodwaters begin to slowly recede from houston, leaving behind at least 23 dead, residents and authorities alike are only beginning to assess the surreal extent of the damage throughout the region. that includes america's

2017-08-30 06:30:00  

biggest x-ray laser gun on earth opens in september

Ryan F. Mandelbaum

even if you haven't seen any james bond films, you're probably aware that the space laser battle depicted in moonraker ranks among the stupidest scenes in the franchise's history. but there's a new laser gun in town that's actually good and open

2017-08-30 06:00:00  

essential's shipping issues have gone from bad to train wreck

Sam Rutherford

andy rubin's essential products is having a rough winter. after first revealing its phone to throbbing hype back in june, actual delivery of the device has been plagued with delay after delay. shipping problems have become almost comically bad,

2017-08-30 05:30:00  

lg's new v30 looks like one hell of a phone

Campbell Simpson

hot on the heels of the galaxy note8, lg's own new v30 looks to be the strongest competition that samsung has ever had. a massive 6-inch display, dual rear cameras -- including the brightest camera ever on a phone -- and some serious hi-res audi

2017-08-30 05:00:14  

why does fitbit's new watch skip a feature fans were clamouring for?

Alex Cranz

i'm a big apple watch user, and every time i strap on a fitbit, i run into the same problem. instead of opening the fitbit app to look at my heart rate and sleep cycle, i open apple health and then am immediately disappointed because none of the

2017-08-30 04:30:00  

mission control keeps the heart of the space community beating during hurricane harvey

Rae Paoletta

this week, nasa's johnson space center (jsc) -- home of the space agency's mission control -- became an island in a sea of floodwater. after staggering amounts of damage in houston, today tropical storm harvey made landfall once again, bringing

2017-08-30 04:00:00  

the 2017 mini electric concept is a confusing approach to a promising future

Justin T. Westbrook

mini is getting into the electric game again after a soft approach back in 2008, and while this new mini electric concept is the result of many questionable decisions, mini going electric just makes too much sense to avoid. more » 

2017-08-30 03:30:00  

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