evaluation of air samplers and filter materials for collection and recovery of airborne norovirus [epub ahead of print]

aims: the aim of this study was to identify the most efficient sampling method for quantitative pcr-based detection of airborne human norovirus (nov). methods and results: a comparative experiment was conducted in an aerosol chamber using aeroso

2017-09-24 06:00:00  

weight of evidence analysis for assessing the genotoxic potential of carbon nanotubes [epub ahead of print]

carbon nanotube (cnt) is a nanomaterial that has received interest because of its high-tensile strength and low weight. although cnts differ substantially in physico-chemical properties, they share high aspect ratio which resembles that of asbes

2017-09-24 06:00:00  

inflammatory potential of low doses of airborne fungi from fungal infested damp and dry gypsum boards

this study has investigated the total inflammatory potential (tip) of low concentration fungal samples from moisture-damaged and fungal infested gypsum boards. the fungal aerosols were generated from damp and dried surfaces, and sampled using fi

2017-09-24 06:00:00  

the associations between workplace bullying, salivary cortisol, and long-term sickness absence: a longitudinal study

[open access]background: workplace stressors, such as bullying, are strongly related to subsequent long-term sickness absence, but little is known of the possible physiological mechanisms linking workplace stressors and sickness absence. the pri

2017-09-20 06:00:00  

night work, long work weeks, and risk of accidental injuries. a register-based study [epub ahead of print]

[open access]objectives the aims of this study were to (i) investigate the association between night work or long work weeks and the risk of accidental injuries and (ii) test if the association is affected by age, sex or socioeconomic status. me

2017-09-20 06:00:00  

the work role functioning questionnaire v2.0 showed consistent factor structure across six working samples [epub ahead of prin

[open access]objective the work role functioning questionnaire v2.0 (wrfq) is an outcome measure linking a persons' health to the ability to meet work demands in the twenty-first century. we aimed to examine the construct validity of the wrfq in

2017-09-18 06:00:00  

stat-6 signaling pathway and not interleukin-1 mediates multi-walled carbon nanotube-induced lung fibrosis in mice: insights f

[open access]background: the accumulation of mwcnts in the lung environment leads to inflammation and the development of disease similar to pulmonary fibrosis in rodents. adverse outcome pathways (aops) are a framework for defining and organizin

2017-09-18 06:00:00  

long working hours as a risk factor for atrial fibrillation: a multi-cohort study

[open access]aims: studies suggest that people who work long hours are at increased risk of stroke, but the association of long working hours with atrial fibrillation, the most common cardiac arrhythmia and a risk factor for stroke, is unknown.

2017-09-18 06:00:00  

evaluation of airborne sensory irritants for setting exposure limits or guidelines: a systematic approach [epub ahead of print

sensory irritation of eyes and upper airways is an important endpoint for setting occupational exposure limits (oels) and indoor air guidelines. sensory irritants cause a painful burning, stinging and itching sensation. controlled chamber studie

2017-09-18 06:00:00  

does age modify the association between psychosocial factors at work and deterioration of self-rated health?

[open access]objectives few epidemiological studies have examined whether associations of psychosocial working conditions with risk of poor health differ by age. based on results from mostly cross-sectional studies, we test whether (i) psychosoc

2017-09-13 06:00:00  

19p13.3-gadd45b common variants and 19q13.3-ppp1r13l and 19q13.3-cd3eap in lung cancer risk among chinese

lung cancer is the most common cause of cancer-related mortality worldwide. the gadd45 gene family plays important roles in a variety of the responses to cell injury including cell cycle checkpoints, apoptosis, dna repair and anti-tumor immunity

2017-09-10 06:00:00  

cardiovascular health effects following exposure of human volunteers during fire extinction exercises

[open access]background: firefighters have increased risk of cardiovascular disease and of sudden death from coronary heart disease on duty while suppressing fires. this study investigated the effect of firefighting activities, using appropriate

2017-09-10 06:00:00  

short-term effects of manipulative treatment versus a therapeutic home exercise protocol for chronic cervical pain: a randomiz

background: while both manipulative treatment and physical exercises are used to treat cervical pain, it remains unclear which is most effective. objective: to compare the short-term effects of high-velocity, low-amplitude manipulation technique

2017-09-07 06:00:00  

shift work, long working hours, and later risk of dementia: a long-term follow-up of the copenhagen male study [epub ahead of

[open access]objectives the aim of this study was to investigate the effect of shift work and long working hours in midlife on the risk of dementia in old age. methods the present study comprised 4766 participants from the copenhagen male study.

2017-09-04 06:00:00  

temporal relationships between job strain and low-back pain

[open access]objectives psychosocial working conditions are suggested risk factors for low-back pain, but it is unclear whether these associations are causal. the present study examined whether there are lagged and bidirectional associations bet

2017-09-04 06:00:00  

effect of resistance training on headache symptoms in adults: secondary analysis of a rct

background: while strength training for the neck and shoulder muscles may be effective in reducing headache, the optimal combination of exercise frequency and duration is unknown. this study investigates the effect of different time-wise combina

2017-09-03 06:00:00  

high exposure to endotoxin in farming is associated with less new-onset pollen sensitisation [epub ahead of print]

objectives: little is known about risk factors for new onset and loss of atopic sensitisation in adulthood. the aim is to examine the longitudinal effect of quantitatively assessed endotoxin exposures on changes in specific allergen sensitisatio

2017-08-27 06:00:00  

the efficacy of dynamic contract-relax stretching on delayed-onset muscle soreness among healthy individuals: a randomized cli

objective: to evaluate the efficacy of dynamic contract-relax stretching on delayed-onset muscle soreness (doms) in the calf muscle of healthy individuals. design: randomized clinical trial. setting: research laboratory. participants: three grou

2017-08-21 06:00:00  

challenges on the toxicological predictions of engineered nanoparticles

the perceived enormous potential of nanotechnology in contributing to sustainable innovation has led to the growth of investments into new industrial applications and consumer products. however, the lack of tools that are needed to generate earl

2017-08-21 06:00:00  

retrospectively assessed physical work environment during working life and risk of sickness absence and labour market exit amo

[open access]objective: to determine the prospective association between retrospectively assessed physical work environment during working life and prospectively assessed sickness absence and labour market exit among older workers. methods: usin

2017-08-20 06:00:00  

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