The 10 Commandments Of Wawa

Dr. Amor Mehta - 92.7 WOBM

It's a Jersey Shore institution. For those of us who live here, Wawa is a way of life. For those who visit, it's something to look forward to. But I think that there are a few rules that every Wawa-goer should observe. Hence, I've

2017-04-28 23:14:45  

Manchester Township HS alumnus completes USAF basic training

Dr. Amor Mehta - 92.7 WOBM

The newest Ocean County enlistee to advance through the first grueling step of a career in the U.S. Air Force is a 2014 graduate of Manchester Township High School. Continue reading…

2017-04-28 22:26:47  

Manville man is leader of white supremacist group busted by feds

Dr. Amor Mehta - 92.7 WOBM

A white supremacist group was indicted on weapons, money laundering and drug charges. Continue reading…

2017-04-28 22:24:30  

Financial advisor convicted of fleecing client for entire retirement savings

Dr. Amor Mehta - 92.7 WOBM

An ex-financial consultant from Middlesex County risks decades in prison at his August sentencing, for taking over and spending a factory worker's $225,000 retirement nest egg. Continue reading…

2017-04-28 21:45:26  

Don't expect NJ Transit to discount or refund money over rail mess

Dr. Amor Mehta - 92.7 WOBM

Fliers left on trains encouraged riders to "use your April pass for the month of May" as part of a #NoPayMay campaign following a month of misery on the rail with delayed trains, derailments and overcrowding. NJ Transit. Continue readin

2017-04-28 21:36:24  

What Are The Best Jersey Shore Boat Names?

Dr. Amor Mehta - 92.7 WOBM

With temperatures soaring into the 70s and 80s for the first part of this weekend, a lot of Shore residents and visitors are starting to think about boating season, and what would boating season be without some fun names for the various vessels?

2017-04-28 20:20:52  

Weed farm, child porn allegedly found in Burlington Navy vet's house

Dr. Amor Mehta - 92.7 WOBM

Twenty-six marijuana plants and a stash of child pornography land a Burlington County Navy veteran in the county jail until a court appearance. Continue reading…

2017-04-28 20:13:55  

Ed Sheeran Reveals 'Game of Thrones' Season 7 Cameo Details

Dr. Amor Mehta - 92.7 WOBM

Game of Thrones may have fewer episodes to premiere in Season 7, but there’s always room for a musical cameo. This time out, minstrel Ed Sheeran will sing Westeros a song, as the “Shape of You” singer now reveals the circumstanc

2017-04-28 19:46:04  

Tools stolen in Berkeley Township surface in Toms River, two arrested

Dr. Amor Mehta - 92.7 WOBM

Construction tools and related gear taken from a Berkeley Township house under renovation, which popped up in a Toms River pawnshop the following day, provide the trail that Berkeley investigators needed to arrest two township men. Continue readi

2017-04-28 19:32:07  

Black woman demoted for anti-gay bias loses own discrimination suit against NJ

Dr. Amor Mehta - 92.7 WOBM

A trial judge dismissed the lawsuit in 2014. And a three-judge appellate panel on Friday denied her bid to reinstate the claim. Continue reading…

2017-04-28 18:31:57  

Water leak upends service, traffic on the outskirts of downtown Toms River

Dr. Amor Mehta - 92.7 WOBM

A water leak is disrupting service to homes and business just north of downtown Toms River, along Main Street, south of Route 37. Continue reading…

2017-04-28 18:29:52  

How will Amtrak repairs impact NJ Transit commute? Wait a few weeks …

Dr. Amor Mehta - 92.7 WOBM

Amtrak will meet next week with NJ Transit and LIRR to discuss Penn Station repairs. Until then, the impact on train schedules won't be known. Continue reading…

2017-04-28 18:18:26  

Quarantine lifted at Jersey Shore puppy store as town bans commercial pet sales

Dr. Amor Mehta - 92.7 WOBM

The Brick store met all requirements allowing them to continue selling puppies again. Continue reading…

2017-04-28 18:06:33  

Take Your Mom To See Tim Tebow

Dr. Amor Mehta - 92.7 WOBM

Mother's Day is coming up quickly, and what better way to celebrate with mom than by taking her out to the ballgame, to see her favorite baseball player? Continue reading…

2017-04-28 17:00:44  

Reunited And It Feels So Good

Dr. Amor Mehta - 92.7 WOBM

Love it or hate it, Facebook is great for helping people connect.  This week, I'm loving the social networking site.  Because of Facebook, I've had two memorable reunions recently. I spent last night with my best friend from g

2017-04-28 15:58:22  

Have a Nice Working Weekend

Dr. Amor Mehta - 92.7 WOBM

"Have a nice weekend" is something that will be repeated time and time again today because on Friday our thoughts are often on the weekend with most people assuming that Saturday and Sunday are days off. However that is not the case for

2017-04-28 14:51:05  

Bonfires on the Beach in Seaside Heights

Dr. Amor Mehta - 92.7 WOBM

Summer is fast approaching, and that means the beach and warm nights, perfect weather for a bonfire in Seaside Heights. Continue reading…

2017-04-28 13:20:25  

Strawberry Picking in New Jersey

Dr. Amor Mehta - 92.7 WOBM

It's almost time for strawberry picking! It's my favorite summer fruit!  The strawberry is so juicy, sweet and so refreshing on a hot day!  Continue reading…

2017-04-28 12:25:59  

Bowl for Kids Sake in Toms River

Dr. Amor Mehta - 92.7 WOBM

This Sunday, lace up the bowling shoes, or Velcro, whatever you prefer and get ready to bowl for an awesome cause!  It's all about the kids this weekend in Toms River. Continue reading…

2017-04-28 12:13:40  

Don't Fall For This Bed Bath & Beyond Mother's Day Scam

Dr. Amor Mehta - 92.7 WOBM

You may have seen this Mother's Day coupon going around Facebook - don't fall for the scam. Continue reading…

2017-04-28 12:09:12  

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