random acts of kindness, not so kind

Suzanne F. Stevens

our association leadership team was in a mall, racing against a clock. our goal, to accomplish as many random acts of kindness within an hour. as we poured through the list of kindness activities provided through an interactive app, we assessed

2016-09-28 09:44:46  

enough with the empathy!

Suzanne F. Stevens

  have you ever been in a situation where had a cough, your relationship broke-up or lost a love one? you shared with someone that things have been a challenge, and they instantly try to empathize with you. “i remember when i was sick, i…”

2016-01-07 01:18:05  

how big is your backyard? where do you give?

Suzanne F. Stevens

with the recent events happening around the world: the refugee crisis, the paris terrorist attacks, the hostage taking in mali … i can’t help but wonder how each of us feels we are affected by these events? prior to the latter two tragedies, i h

2015-11-28 09:05:25  

is your giving about the messenger or the mission?

Suzanne F. Stevens

  as the holiday season comes to an end i can’t help but reflect on what that time of year means. in a word…giving. giving of gifts, time, love and donations to people and initiatives we care about. but sometimes, we are just giving for the

2015-01-07 03:20:26  

lead with edgeness™ – while expressing your authentic self

Suzanne F. Stevens

every morning when i walk into my office, the first thing i see is a painting done by my father. growing up it was hung outside my bedroom door and in my father’s memory it has moved with me from home, to home, to home. it is always in a &#

2014-11-21 04:26:35  

out with volunteers and in with professional contributors!

Suzanne F. Stevens

do you volunteer for your professional association or do you professionally contribute? volunteers at professional associations often vet me to speak at their conferences,  i proudly have served on several association boards and presently serve

2014-11-21 10:30:24  

ignite excellence inc. group of initiatives evolves its offerings

Suzanne F. Stevens

what a ride the last few years have been. ignite excellence inc. is now in its 12th year of business; we have spoken on five continents to 100’s of clients and audiences ranging from entrepreneurs to fortune 500 companies in over a dozen industr

2014-11-19 01:48:09  

suzanne f. stevens receives highest designation for speaking

Suzanne F. Stevens

for immediate release                                                                                contact:july 30, 2014                                                                                                              suzanne f. st

2014-07-30 04:14:32  

tiaw honours individuals who make a difference

Suzanne F. Stevens

tiaw press release suzanne f stevens 2014   for immediate release suzanne f. stevens attends tiaw’s 2014 global forum with leaders from throughout the world   suzanne f. stevens, founder of ignite excellence inc. recently attended the inter

2014-06-21 01:37:38  

tiaw world of difference awards – washington march 2014

Suzanne F. Stevens

i just returned from the the international alliance for women (tiaw)forum and world of difference award ceremony. i was honoured to receive an award for women economic empowerment in education. i was amongst 8 african women pioneers who were pre

2014-04-02 05:33:42  

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