mic wakeup: a hashtag, a trailer and a horrifying joke


it’s tuesday, oct. 16, 2017. the sun is shining. the birds are singing. you have to be at work in an hour. here are the three stories you need to start your day. it’s difficult to pinpoint where, exactly, this hashtag started — but if you’ve bee

2017-10-17 03:45:00  

al michaels apologizes for harvey weinstein joke during sunday night football


veteran sports broadcaster al michaels apologized sunday night for a joke he made about harvey weinstein during nbc’s sunday night football contest between the denver broncos and new york giants. “sorry i made a reference earlier. i tried to be

2017-10-17 02:42:00  

fish depression is not a joke


can a fish be depressed? this question has been floating around my head ever since i spent a night in a hotel across from an excruciatingly sad-looking siamese fighting fish. his name was bruce lee, according to a sign beneath his little bowl. t

2017-10-17 02:28:00  

george takei, billy eichner, more lash out about president trump’s ‘joke’ about mike pence wanting to see gay people ‘hang’


some of hollywood’s most outspoken voices took offense at an alleged “joke” about vice president pence wanting to see gay people “hang.” according to a new yorker story about the relationship between pence and president trump, the president ...

2017-10-17 01:41:00  

al michaels apologizes for harvey weinstein joke on ‘sunday night football’


veteran sports broadcaster al michaels jokingly compared new york giants wide receivers to harvey weinstein’s very bad week on “sunday night football” — and apologized on-air within the hour. “sorry i made a reference earlier,” the nfl ...

2017-10-16 20:58:00  

trump makes hilarious joke about mike pence wanting to hang gay people


because we can’t even have a spiteful daydream in this smoking ruin of a year without having reality come in to complicate it, as delicious as the schadenfreude over donald trump’s impeachment would be, the fact of the matter is that we’d be stu

2017-10-16 20:12:00  

al michaels apologizes for making harvey weinstein joke during 'sunday night football'


"the giants are coming off a worse week than harvey weinstein," he said during the live broadcast. al michaels has apologized for a joke he made during nbc's sunday night football that referenced harvey weinstein. during the third quar

2017-10-16 07:54:00  

al michaels sorry for 'sunday night football' weinstein joke


add harvey weinstein as an interest to stay up to date on the latest harvey weinstein news, video, and analysis from abc news. nbc play-by-play man al michaels has quickly apologized after making a joke about harvey weinstein during "sunday

2017-10-16 06:23:00  

nbc announcer al michaels roasted after making joke about harvey weinstein on sunday night football


al michaels, nbc's nfl announcer, cracked a joke about the sexual accusations surrounding harvey weinstein during the new york giants win over the denver broncos on sunday night. discussing the troubles of the then-winless giants, michael said t

2017-10-16 06:01:00  

nfl sportscaster al michaels ripped for insensitive harvey weinsten joke aimed at giants


longtime nfl sportscaster al michaels apologized during sunday night football after making what he called a “flippant” joke that compared move mogul harvey weinstein and the struggling new york giants. michaels’ exaggerated claim that the now 1-

2017-10-16 04:27:00  

'game of thrones' star jason momoa apologizes for resurfaced rape joke


jason momoa apologized after a rape joke he made in 2011 came back to haunt him. “as far as sci-fi and fantasy, i love that genre because there are so many things you can do, like rip someone’s tongue out of their throat and get away with it and

2017-10-13 12:11:00  

jason momoa apologizes for 2011 ‘game of thrones’ rape joke


a recently resurfaced video shows the game of thrones actor joking about his character, khal drogo, assaulting women onscreen. “as far as sci-fi and fantasy, i love that genre because there are so many things you can do, like rip someone’s tongu

2017-10-13 12:02:00  

xscape drops nene leakes from upcoming tour amid rape joke


nene leakes’ wave of backlash from her rape joke last weekend continued as the reality star given the pink slip for an upcoming gig with xscape. read nene leakes wishes rape on heckler during stand up show tmz reports the r&b group removed leake

2017-10-13 11:34:00  

jimmy fallon explains: trump news often 'too serious' to joke about


stephen colbert, samantha bee, john oliver, seth meyers, trevor noah, and half of twitter might disagree … but nbc’s tonight show host jimmy fallon suggests that donald trump’s headlines are often “too serious” to make jokes about. in an ...

2017-10-13 11:17:00  

game of thrones actor jason momoa apologises for rape joke


game of thrones star jason momoa has apologised for joking about "raping beautiful women". the comment was made in 2011 - but has resurfaced after the claims of sexual assault against harvey weinstein. speaking about his love of fantas

2017-10-13 10:39:00  

warner bros. standing by ‘justice league’s jason momoa after apology for rape joke


essentially, momoa made a joke, and wrote his mea culpa on his own, an apology that we hear studio insiders are standing by. “i awoke in australia to the justified reactions by many people to a distasteful joke i made years ago in hall h for whi

2017-10-13 08:34:00  

how harvey weinstein allegations went from inside joke to national scandal: a timeline


now that harvey weinstein's long history of alleged sexual harassment, coercion, and assault is out in the open, the question has turned to just how long weinstein was able to get away with it — and why. the weinstein rumors circulated for almos

2017-10-13 08:06:00  

'game of thrones' actor jason momoa apologizes for 'distasteful' rape joke


jason momoa is apologizing after an old video surfaced of him making an inappropriate joke about his role on "game of thrones." the actor, who portrayed khal drogo on hbo's medieval-fantasy drama, was on a panel during the 2011 comic-c

2017-10-13 08:00:00  

tony romo chuckles at his own dad joke about demi lovato during eagles-panthers game


tony romo chuckles at his own dad joke about demi lovato during eagles-panthers game tony romo has got the jokes. he pulled one out during the eagles-panthers game on thursday night. it was very much a dad joke, meaning it was super lame, but st

2017-10-13 06:45:36  

trump's flag ceremony joke sparks debate


cnn's don lemon speaks with political commentators ben ferguson and keith boykin about president donald trump making a joke on live tv during the playing of "retreat."

2017-10-13 06:09:00  

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