Squaresville Sounds Pretty Cool: A Best Of for 2015

Creideamh - Hargaden

Prolegomena Inspired by my Japanese apostle, John Mark Mullan, back in the mid-2000s my friends and I started an annual tradition called the Best Ofs. It is not unique but it is special. We reflect on the year through the music we have discovered

2015-12-19 15:10:05  

The Lord’s Prayer Advertised in Cinemas

Creideamh - Hargaden

This weekend, we saw yet again the depressingly common sight of Christians a-flutter in the British media over mis-treatment. In this instance, it wasn’t red cups, gay cakes, or cross necklaces that were drawing attention but an advert. For

2015-11-24 22:29:25  

Insufficiently Christian Coffee Cups

Creideamh - Hargaden

It is over a week since I read an article on a dreadful website about how Starbucks’ Christmas-themed coffee cups had, this year, offended Christian groups. When I was last back home someone asked me why I didn’t blog anymore and the

2015-11-14 11:08:14  

Five Good Things for the Fifth of October

Creideamh - Hargaden

In my effort to get back into a blogging groove, let me return to one of the most basic ways of using a website. Before we had Twitter, blogs rose to prominence primarily as a place where people curated links that were fascinating. So here are fi

2015-10-05 08:45:05  

The Meat of David Cameron’s Porcine Problem

Creideamh - Hargaden

Sufficient time should now have passed from #piggate for me to write about it without being caught up in the hysteria that naturally flowed from finding an episode of Black Mirror (the crappiest episode of all, to be honest) break out into realit

2015-09-29 21:54:13  

What Can Be Bought?

Creideamh - Hargaden

I have become a master of asserting my consumer rights. Every time the courier delivers something late they get an angry email. Every time I buy an apple that is crumbly I take it back to the shop and throw it in the manager’s face. Every t

2015-08-20 15:43:02  

The Word That Best Describes Me Is Migrant

Creideamh - Hargaden

This is a list, three years old, of the 17306 human beings seeking refuge who up to that point had died as a result of Europe’s border militarisation, asylum laws, accommodation, detention policy and deportations. This is a form of the file

2015-08-13 22:03:54  

On Visiting Princeton

Creideamh - Hargaden

In what is surely the largest gathering of verbose dudes in gingham shirts happening anywhere in the Western hemisphere this year, the annual Karl Barth Conference finished up today at Princeton Theological Seminary. The theme of the conference w

2015-06-24 22:27:38  

The Only Position To Hold Is None At All

Creideamh - Hargaden

7 thoughts and a conclusion about the hot topic of the week, that will actually continue to be a critically important topic even after magazines stop talking about it next week. 1. Christianity can be sorted into all sorts of different buckets. Y

2015-06-08 22:48:40  

How To Bake A Gay Cake

Creideamh - Hargaden

Today in Northern Ireland, a civil court found in favour of a gay rights activist who brought a case charging a prominent bakery – Asher’s – with discrimination. Last year Gareth Lee had ordered a cake with Bert and Ernie on it

2015-05-19 23:07:17  

Theological Reasons For Not Imposing Theology On Our Laws

Creideamh - Hargaden

After demonstrating the patience that marks true friendship, by reading my 3,500+ word screed on theological stances towards marriage equality in Ireland, a dear friend asked me to elaborate on the theological reasons that we have for not imposin

2015-05-09 17:02:19  

Five Equal Reflections On Marriage

Creideamh - Hargaden

*On How Strange Is The Collusion Between Christian Marriage And Civil Marriage* One afternoon in 2004, I got two buses across Dublin with my girlfriend and knocked on the door of a nice house on a tree lined avenue. A harried, welcoming woman sho

2015-05-02 17:30:51  

Maybe If You Had Women Preachers, You’d Know How To Use The Word ‘Heresy’?

Creideamh - Hargaden

Why You Should Define Your Terms Peter Leithart is one of the most prolific theologians writing today and his books are always worth a look. He writes a blog – an old fashioned, often updated, here’s-what-I’ve-been-thinking blog

2015-04-19 16:22:09  

A' Gabhail an Fhuinn

Cinneadas is Creideamh | An Drochaid Eadarainn

Dòmhnall Moireasdanach (Donaidh mac Iain Alastair Iain), Còbh na Reag, Siorramachd Bhictoria. Video:  read mo

2015-01-19 17:06:49  


Cinneadas is Creideamh | An Drochaid Eadarainn

Taibhs Air a h-aithris aig Peadar Shandaidh Dhonnchaidh Mhóir (MacRaing), nach maireann, a rugadh ann a' Rubh' an t-Seallaidh, Siorramachd Inbhir Nis. Forum Audio: 

2013-11-13 16:03:09  

Beagan a bharrachd mu Cheap Breatainn an Ear-Dheas

Cinneadas is Creideamh | An Drochaid Eadarainn

`S ann an sin a gheobhar òrain àite is òrain luathaidh, ach cuideachd dualchas laoidhean is shailm a tha a’ buntainn ris an eaglais Phrostanach. Faodar a ràdh gur e an cleachdadh a bh’aca, ann a bhith leubhadh a’ Bhìobuill is òrain Chrìosdaidh, a

2013-09-13 02:05:58  

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