‘freedom for catalonia’


a sudden and violent attempt to suppress the catalan independence movement by the madrid government has shocked those struggling for self-determination across the world.

2017-09-23 08:44:38  

soldiers’ impunity bid challenged by victims’ families


a demonstration in support of killer british troops was dramatically opposed by relatives and supporters of their irish victims.

2017-09-23 08:43:42  

funeral of republican allowed use flags


there are hopes that a church ban on the use of irish flags to honour republicans will be dropped after a priest fulfilled the dying wish of a lifelong republican and allowed his coffin to be draped in the irish tricolour and starry plough.

2017-09-23 08:42:58  

shell to hell as flames erupt from refinery


a fault at the controversial corrib gas terminal operated by shell in county mayo has terrified local residents who do not believe a “burning off” process at the plant is safe.

2017-09-23 08:42:13  

trump administration seen turning its back to ireland


the us administration has been urged to reverse a decision to abolish the post of special envoy to the north of ireland.

2017-09-23 08:40:48  

unionists urged to “fill up” social housing


unionists have expressed their support for a residents’ group which has called for a social housing development to be “filled up with people from the loyalist/unionist community”.

2017-09-23 08:39:56  

the sack of balbriggan


a look at an infamous event in the tan war in county dublin, 97 years ago this week.

2017-09-23 08:38:36  

the dismaying case of tony taylor


if you drive around the north of ireland you’re sure to come across one of the signs: three words that test our notion of democracy.

2017-09-23 08:36:52  

injustice upon injustice in supergrass ‘trial’


there have been protests against the planned use of a paid informer in the non-jury trial of republican political activist kevin braney, the chairperson of saoradh in dublin.

2017-09-16 09:16:53  

disbelief as rhc murder gang seeks respectability


using a long-standing cover name, loyalist paramilitaries in the uvf have sought to be legalised in a plan which has brought anger and incredulity to its victims.

2017-09-16 09:16:17  

border checkpoints ‘would be a provocation’


the president of republican sinn fein, des dalton, has warned that that border checkpoints following brexit could become a target for militant republicans amid a surge in interest in republican politics.

2017-09-16 09:14:46  

loyalists planned to set fire to ‘every street corner’


loyalists planned widespread disturbances across the six counties in response to council threats against their bonfires, it has been revealed.

2017-09-16 09:13:55  

bereaved son wins recognition of investigation’s failings


a man whose parents were killed when loyalist paramilitaries colluded with british crown forces has won high court permission to challenge the refusal of the state to oversee and fund an effective investigation.

2017-09-16 09:12:48  

fine gael mep indicates irish neutrality on offer to eu


there are concerns that irish neutrality could be the price paid by the dublin government for the european union to defend its interest in the brexit negotiations with britain.

2017-09-16 09:11:56  

republican politics must be relevant


the text of the oration delivered by francis mackey (pictured) of the 32 county sovereignty movement at the graveside of alan ryan earlier this month.

2017-09-16 09:09:38  

thank god dave cullen doesn’t know me


it is clear that the 26 county state is intent on smashing republicanism. if they are not using the word of a superintendent to jail political activists, they are prepared to use the word of an even more despicable type.

2017-09-16 09:06:54  

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