mother’s letter to fiona pender: ‘i hope you are in the light fi as i know you did not like the dark’

john pender pays tribute to ‘hero’ mother, who ‘never gave up looking for my sister’

2017-09-23 07:01:32  

ivana bacik: students’ unions should stand firm on abortion

there is no legal reason for ucd’s union to remove abortion information from freshers’ guide

2017-09-23 05:31:27  

80 irish on mission to lourdes stranded in france after ryanair cancels flight

‘we had a fantastic and exhausting week and this is just a nightmare’

2017-09-23 04:46:31  

woman in her 60s dies following co monaghan crash

the two-vehicle collision occurred on the monaghan to ballybay road at feragh

2017-09-23 04:25:32  

border poll could ‘erupt in violence’, sdlp mla warns

nichola mallon says a rushed vote on irish unity is an ‘absolute recipe for disaster’

2017-09-23 03:15:30  

us bombers fly close to north korea in a show of force

north korean foreign minister says the firing of rockets at the us mainland is ‘inevitable’

2017-09-23 02:09:55  

ireland’s housing crisis 'stems from shortage of apartments'

economist claims shortage of apartments, not houses, is behind current crisis

2017-09-23 01:13:16  

‘jacindamania’ fails to run wild in new zealand poll

ruling national party wins the largest number of votes in country’s general election

2017-09-23 11:55:43  

two-hour traffic delay spoils dublin half marathon

race organisers apologise for traffic management of event

2017-09-23 07:20:11  

safe gas supply for mayo and galway restored

two state investigations initiated into how odourless gas was released into the system

2017-09-23 06:47:06  

gardaí investigate death of man in walkinstown after car crash

man is believed to have forced his way into two houses on templemanor drive

2017-09-23 06:05:28  

new-look dublin have wiped the smile off the country’s face

but splitting the county should no more be an option in dublin than it is for kerry

2017-09-23 04:00:00  

china to limit energy supplies to n korea in compliance with un sanctions

n korea depends on china for almost all oil and gas but estimates of consumption are low

2017-09-23 03:30:28  

talk to your sockets, film your fridge, and save money at home

‘smart home’ technology can save money and even cut down on household chores

2017-09-23 02:00:00  

hussein halawa: ‘four years, one month and five days i haven’t seen my son’

father says he advised ibrahim to enter mosque during chaos in egypt in 2013

2017-09-23 01:00:15  

20 years of ross o’carroll-kelly: paul howard’s top 20 moments

‘reading the first column now, at a remove of almost 20 years, the big surprise is that there was ever a second one’

2017-09-23 01:00:00  

‘she wanted out. i didn’t.’ couples who go to counselling

six people describe why they engaged in counselling, how it went, and if it worked

2017-09-23 01:00:00  

chelsea manning: ‘for seven years i didn’t exist’

the whistle-blower argues that algorithms are dictating our future – and freedom

2017-09-23 12:00:00  

michael o’leary’s comments a disgrace, say ryanair pilots

pilots rule out short-term action but consider long-term options

2017-09-22 07:01:00  

rté ‘late late show’ says sorry for 26-county ireland map

station received 203 formal complaints in relation to the graphic

2017-09-13 01:54:57  

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