2017-09-25 07:41:22  

unrealistic standards

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2017-09-25 06:29:48  

america vs nfl (3)

2017-09-25 06:14:33  

trash full of stress

2017-09-25 06:02:03  

church shooting


2017-09-25 05:22:53  

dank tomfoolery 43

2017-09-25 05:14:42  


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2017-09-25 04:58:40  

a tale of two rulers part 128

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2017-09-25 04:57:11  

daily news sept 25 2017

anthony weiner gets 21 months in prison in sexting case in addition to the prison term, weiner also was sentenced to three years of supervised release. judge denise cote of the southern district of new york stated that weiner's sentence carri

2017-09-25 04:49:43  

stuff #122

2017-09-25 04:37:41  

sneks for the sake of sneks

2017-09-25 04:36:04  

pomepr veagh keigsulopl

2017-09-25 04:33:18  

new erma comic>

source: tapas.io/series/erma [trigger large stats mentionlist erma]

2017-09-25 04:08:30  

nature is fucking awesome 14

2017-09-25 04:01:06  

admin told me to.

2017-09-25 03:07:39  

*doesn't die despite being on deaths door for 5 turns*

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2017-09-25 03:00:00  

me irl

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2017-09-25 02:43:39  

not itsthetie

admin begged me to post something. so here's a little repost of some oc i made a long time ago. it was during the time itsthetie made his famous god-series. hope you like this oldie.

2017-09-25 02:38:13  

it's over fj

2017-09-25 02:24:52  

post content again, please

dear friendos. i made a mention list of former content posters who stopped posting recently but posted in the past and got at least 50 thumbs up. fj lost half of it's content posters since june. before that the site was doing pretty well an

2017-09-25 02:18:22  

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