micah is 9!


my last is having his last. the last year of being single digits. it’s a bit of a watershed year in many ways for micah as 9 will forever be remembered as the year he moved to australia. i wonder how he will look back on this year when he

2017-09-05 10:09:38  

kiera is 15!


ten years ago, one of the first posts i wrote here was the “kiera is 5!” birthday post – starting the tradition of posting a special message to my kids each year. today, i watched a clip of kiera at the age of 7, along with a 1

2017-08-24 06:01:14  

katie is 13!


ack! another teenager woke up in our house on this morning of june 3rd, 2017. now we have two! katie is finally, finally, a teenager in the official capacity. of all our kids, kates is the one who was born a teen and has looked forward to teen y

2017-05-31 06:24:34  

sam in 10!


this guy! man, oh, man! ten has felt 100 years away if his conversation has been anything to go by. sam has the unfortunate pleasure of being the last child to celebrate his birthday each year. it always feels like it takes forever and the wait

2016-10-18 06:20:25  

micah is 8!


and micah is 8! every year that my baby turns one year older i feel my heart constrict more tightly than i would like. on sunday, i got to cuddle my godson – all 6 months of him. everything about that was familiar. it was yesterday that mi

2016-09-05 06:53:07  

kiera is 14!


dear kiera, i started writing this birthday post in my usual fashion – as a post about you, rather than a post to you. there is so much to say about this year. so much joy, disappointment, hurt, happiness, lessons learned and much more. but, the

2016-08-24 06:01:04  

katie is 12!


there is something about 12 that i cannot quite get my head around. i remember 12. i remember how big i was. and how big i thought i was.  i remember a level of maturity and immaturity that i’m not quite ready to attribute to my own precio

2016-06-02 06:14:48  

sam is 9!


nine! it’s here! yet, when i look back over sam’s birthday posts of the years past, it seems that our boy has barely changed. yes, he has grown a little taller, but essentially he seems the same as ever. still loving lego. still lovi

2015-10-18 06:26:51  

micah is 7


this boy. this little guy who burst into this world 3 days earlier than expected. this cherub who has been all feisty fun since day one. yup, this guy is 7 years old today. he has been counting down the days ’til his big day.  every night

2015-09-05 06:59:02  

kiera is 13!


with every birthday that passes, i feel a sense of awe at the passage of time and the effect it has on the growth of my family, our relationships and the world around us.  but this birthday has taken that to a new level. in preparation for this

2015-08-24 06:52:58  

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