breaking news: two vehicles stolen at mpumalanga show


both vehicles were parked outside the designated areas

2017-08-31 10:10:55  

preview: human trafficking sentence is upheld


the heaviest sentence ever to be handed down for human trafficking in south africa has been upheld in the pretoria high court.

2017-08-31 08:45:11  

preview: meet the soothing sisters


modern-day midwives don't fit the stereotype of old ladies riding on bicycles perpetuated by the recent bbc drama call the midwife. sr rentia brueton, sr karin venter and sr rinie de klerk are qualified nurses who drive cars to see their patient

2017-08-31 08:14:53  

kgalagadi transfrontier park meerkats will melt your heart


kgalagadi transfrontier park is personified by its red dunes and scrub that fade into infinity and herds of gemsbok, springbok, eland and blue wildebeest. one of its major attractions is its resident meerkats.

2017-08-31 08:03:36  

preview: the sky is the limit for talented male model


dean alberts, the most successful male model the lowveld has yet produced, gives all the honour for his accomplishments to the lord.

2017-08-31 08:01:42  

r14 million worth of problems


the rapper jay-z may have 99 problems, but it's not as big as the r14 million problem a wsu student is currently having. what would you do if such an amount of money miraculously appeared in your bank account?

2017-08-31 07:55:18  

when to say “no comment” to a journalist


so what gives people the inspiration to use the words “no comment” to brush off journalists?

2017-08-31 06:01:39  

buying a home in mbombela is not just about pretty pictures


the lowvelder has had a relationship with you for decades. we know the lowveld area better than anyone. let us guide you in making the best property decision for you and your family.

2017-08-31 05:30:41  

tech thursday: a wifi update on some of south africa’s major cities


let’s face it, data is expensive and if there is any opportunity to save on costs, you should grab it with both hands. here are some of the free wifi spots around the country and their implementation strategies.

2017-08-31 05:15:00  

west coast national park: a bird watcher’s dream destination


west coast national park near the town of langebaan provides a key habitat for several endemic birds unique to south africa.

2017-08-31 03:08:13  

video: hippos come to rescue wildebeest from crocodile


timing is everything when visiting kruger… 72-year-old pensioner, mervyn van wyk and his wife tokkie, understand just how lucky they were to be in the right place at the right time! video courtesy of kruger sightings' youtube channel

2017-08-29 10:14:37  

tuesday life hack: 5 toothpaste hacks you should know about


cleaning your teeth is not the only thing toothpaste is good for. try some of these toothpaste lifesavers and you won’t regret it.

2017-08-29 09:27:33  

soektog geloods na vermiste 86-jarige


die soektog môre sal voortgaan, en vrywilligers word genooi om by die soektog aan te sluit.

2017-08-29 09:13:38  

atm bomber gang is on the loose

Pongrass Import

it was highly likely they were the same suspects who had attempted to bomb jathira filling station's atm machine near barberton on august 16.

2017-08-29 07:00:00  

the difference between a certificate, diploma and a degree?


it is important to note that undergraduate certificates and diplomas are not the same as academic degrees

2017-08-29 06:00:14  

young woman’s body found in shallow grave

Pongrass Import

she was last seen in the company of a 26-year-old man believed to be her boyfriend.

2017-08-29 06:00:00  

justin het jou hulp nodig


justin ware en sy vrou, lenie is opsoek vir 'n goeie samaritaan wat die verblyf van hul bestuurder na centurion kan borg asseblief

2017-08-29 05:57:02  

power outage in various parts of mbombela


contractors damaged both supply cables to ilanga switching station.

2017-08-29 05:13:12  

abnormal water tanks cause another incident on lowveld roads


trac announced at 10:21 that another abnormal truck was travelling through schoemanskloof.

2017-08-29 04:34:01  

south africans can visit national parks for free this september


17 september marks the official launch of the 12th annual sa national parks week when south african citizens can visit most national parks for free.

2017-08-29 04:18:27  

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