green gold for ostrich and stock industries (Marius Smit)

after various workshops and technical meetings with nutritionists and role players in the industry, it was decided to introduce a lucern (alfalfa) hay scheme for the industry. although it is a voluntary scheme, those who join will have to meet c

2008-07-02 02:36:38  

first online lucerne hay trading facility for south africa (Marius Smit)

[click here for afrikaans version] the national lucerne trust have just announced the establishment of the first online lucerne hay trading facility for south africa. for the first time now, lucerne hay producers will be able to sell lucerne hay

2008-03-06 09:31:40  

eenvormige en akkurate gradering (Marius Smit)

eenvormige en akkurate gradering van lusernhooi volgens die nasionale lusern trust skema lusernhooi (medicago sativa l.) is een van die mees belangrikste hooigewasse vir herkouers en veral melkbeeste in suid-afrika.  behalwe die energie- en prot

2008-03-04 04:05:03  

national lucerne trust (Nelius Vermaak)

the national lucerne trust (in short, nlt) is the representative body for the south african lucern seed and hay industry. it was established in 1952 as a controlling body but was recently transformed into a service organization for the lucerne i

2007-01-23 09:00:00  

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