imf statements on g20 germany meeting

Julien David

my own highlights of the 14 page detail report: india has the largest gdp projected growth of 7.2%, the strongest among the g-20 countries. movements in the rankings of the g-20 are also changing, the positive moves are australia and united king

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events calendar g20 (g-20 summit germany)

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just to point out, the following is an event calendar for all of the meetings – with no protesters! december 2016 date 1 finance and central bank deputies 1 – 2 agriculture deputies 2 international financial architecture working group 2 –

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g20 meetings kick off with a bang

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meetings have been going on year to date throughout germany. all have been peaceful. as of right now, 7:45pm, hamburg time, there are confrontations between protestors and riot police. now a standoff. but escalation is expected as president trum

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g20 china 2016 summit in hangzhou, china

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the goals set forth by the group of 20 countries at the summit held in china are below. the letter mentions president barack obama. in hangzhou, g-20 leaders recognized that more work remains to strengthen growth, expand opportunity, and ensure

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imf supports lagarde

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the international monetary fund will keep christine lagarde as managing director. the fund, has, “full confidence in the managing director’s ability to continue to effectively carry out her duties.” ms. lagarde is appointed by

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un security council demands syria

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spokesperson, lou charbonneau, must stop their military actions with iranian fighters. the quote is below: “the syrian, russian and iranian militaries should immediately comply with the un security council resolution demanding that un monitors b

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unctad least developed nations

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  following is the press realease from unctad: geneva, 13 december 2016 – global poverty is increasingly concentrated among a group of 48 countries, which are falling further behind the rest of the world in terms of economic developme

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fed raises 0.25%

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the federal reserve of the united states, located in washington dc has decided to unanimously raise rates 0.25%. december 2016 rates up 1/4% the post fed raises 0.25% appeared first on g20 news.

2016-12-14 02:08:59  

g7 to be chaired by japan

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the 42nd g7 summit will take place in the mie prefecture of japan in late may 2016. japanese prime minister shinzo abe will be the head of the meeting. abe has announced his intention to approach russian president vladimir putin to discuss issue

2016-01-20 11:10:46  

us economy grows at a 4 percent clip for the second quarter

Julien David

the world’s largest economy accelerated full steam ahead at four percent for the second quarter. exceeding expectations and giving fire to the bullish story unfolding from the unprecedented stimulus begun under the bernanke fed. the post u

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