ebook enhancements, take two: shorter, less sparkly, more functional


ebook readers have made their preferences clear. video extras, background audio, virtual tours of the author’s workspace: no thanks, say buyers. so-called “enhanced ebooks” have generated a reaction similar to new coke’s reception: a “massive wi

2014-05-05 06:03:36  

what readers need vs. what devices can do


rather than starting from what the ipad and epub 3 makes possible, think about where readers need help. when you add finger- and eye-candy that doesn’t solve specific problems, digital “extras” often do more harm than good. by keeping a simple q

2012-07-10 06:30:32  

overheard in austin: apps, tools, sites


a quick list of digital goodies i encountered at sxsw 2012

2012-03-15 05:45:00  

picturebook lessons: the art of letting readers fill in the blanks


the ipad can display almost anything an author imagines. but are we shortchanging readers by overstuffing our apps?

2012-03-07 12:27:03  

multi-screen messages: spreading a story across a lotta displays


how do stories & presentations change when you use more than one screen?

2011-11-29 10:08:04  

tabletop touchscreens: the next desktop publishing revolution?


will big touchscreen displays—bigger than tablets—usher in new kinds of creative composition? i don’t hear much talk about microsoft’s surface computers, those industrial strength touchscreens-on-a-tabletop. but maybe the idea was ab

2011-11-15 03:56:44  

digital bookmaking tools roundup #2


a list of digital publishing tools i mentioned in my o'reilly webcast (nov. 11, 2011).

2011-11-10 02:20:12  

sidelinks: reducing hyperlink distractions


i’ve written previously about the distracting effects of excessive hyperlinks: how lots of “hey, click me” blue-lined text makes it hard to focus on a writer’s own writing. in this post i want to air out a design idea that accomodates link

2011-11-08 09:42:57  

a clarification: the father of “the kid responds”


first, to set the most important facts straight: i am not working on a sequel, a response, or any kind of book project related to go the f**k to sleep. the publisher of that book, akashic books, has not commissioned me to write anything. nor hav

2011-11-02 03:55:57  

presentation overload: alternatives to serial speaker syndrome


can curriculum design help turn conferences into classroom-style learning environments? ever suffer from “conference head”? it’s that feeling, after a couple dozen speeches and panels, where you wonder: wow, what did i learn from all that talkin

2011-11-01 01:39:55  

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