trump said he’s ‘very thankful’ to putin for expelling u.s. diplomats, and no one can tell if he was joking

The Associated Press

‘i want to thank him because we’re trying to cut down on payroll. as far as i am concerned, i’m very thankful that he let go of a large number of people’

2017-08-10 10:54:22  

supreme court will not hear case of refugee who could lose status after return visit to sri lanka

Maura Forrest

nisreen nilam has had his citizenship application suspended pending a decision about whether to strip him of his refugee and permanent resident status

2017-08-10 08:57:01  

matthew fisher: little guam could be where world war three begins

Matthew Fisher

hong kong — guam boasts it is “where america’s day begins.”  if the war of words between donald trump and kim jung-un is not toned down, and if china —seized by the looming peril to its own strategic and economic interests — does not put a

2017-08-10 06:43:03  

union campaign warning search and rescue missions at risk, illegally uses photo of rcaf helicopter: dnd

David Pugliese, Ottawa Citizen

‘i think we’re seeing some payback here from dnd management because we’ve been highlighting problems with search and rescue,’ the union's president said

2017-08-10 06:28:57  

trump tells north korea to ‘get their act together’ or it will be in trouble ‘like few nations have ever been’

The Associated Press

trump's statement comes on the heels of his 'fire and fury' threat two days ago

2017-08-10 05:48:44  

with brad wall retiring, trudeau loses a persistent critic in the west

Stuart Thomson

the prime minister is losing one of his most persistent and effective critics on the government's climate change policy

2017-08-10 05:30:18  

the race to preserve a b.c. first nation’s history and the village where there is only one couple left

Douglas Quan

disease and migration turned the village, sometimes called the 'birthplace of british columbia' into a ghost town

2017-08-10 04:53:39  

iran arrests six for promoting zumba, which is banned in the country

The Associated Press

the arrests are part of iran's decades-long crackdown against influences of western culture

2017-08-10 04:45:03  

animal cruelty charges dropped against marineland

The Canadian Press

the 11 charges against marineland were the result of an investigation by the ontario society for the prevention of cruelty to animals that was launched last november after the animal welfare agency received a complaint

2017-08-10 04:43:28  

still on top: saskatchewan’s brad wall resigns while canada’s most popular premier

Tristin Hopper

when it comes to politicians who bowed out while still popular, however, nobody holds a candle to newfoundland and labrador's danny williams

2017-08-10 04:03:39  

eerie quiet, eagles and distress calls: the isolated life of nootka island’s lighthouse keepers

Douglas Quan

for 12 years, two former high school sweethearts have run the isolated b.c. station. a look inside the 14-metre tower and what it takes to be a keeper of the light

2017-08-10 03:54:21  

man arrested after jogger pushed woman in front of london bus

The Associated Press

the bus stopped just before hitting the woman, who suffered minor injuries

2017-08-10 03:18:04  

‘he grabbed my ass underneath my skirt’: taylor swift testifies in groping trial against denver dj

The Associated Press

the grammy award-winning singer said it was a 'very long grab'

2017-08-10 03:00:48  

kim jong un’s personal ‘slush fund’ known as ‘office 39’ hit by sanctions

Washington Post

the 'most stringent' sanctions ever levelled against the nation also freeze the assets of some of north korea's biggest companies — including one thought to funnel cash to the ruling family

2017-08-10 02:56:54  

anthony scaramucci compares himself to monica lewinsky ahead of interview with stephen colbert

Washington Post

even lewinsky took notice on twitter, citing his tweet and captioning it with a wide-eyed blushing emoji

2017-08-10 02:53:00  

what if the president ordering a nuclear attack isn’t sane? an air force major lost his job for asking

Washington Post

'it bothers me immensely that the only area there is not a check and balance is the one that could literally result in the end of the world'

2017-08-10 02:09:45  

meet the brutally violent prehistoric crocodile named for motorhead’s lemmy kilmister

Washington Post

the creature's brash, aggressive nature brought to mind the hell-raising british heavy metal band motorhead

2017-08-10 12:44:25  

‘amazingly calm’ south koreans ask the rest of the world: crisis? what crisis?

Washington Post

having lived in a state of war for more than six decades, many have become inured to the threat that looms north of the demilitarized zone

2017-08-10 12:11:57  

the tidy intruder: someone broke into an apartment and cleaned it — but didn’t steal anything

Washington Post

the resident noticed some items had been moved around but nothing appeared to be missing from the home

2017-08-10 11:28:39  

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