special report: registration open for european microfinance week; november 29 – december 1, 2017; luxembourg

MicroCapital Team

event name: european microfinance week event date: november 29 – december 1, 2017 event location: luxembourg summary of event: on november 29, the european microfinance platform’s (e-mfp’s) ten action groups will meet to build

2017-09-25 07:28:53  

microcapital brief: société générale launches yup mobile wallet in ivory coast, senegal

Aleksandr Marceau

société générale, a financial services provider based in france, recently rolled out its yup mobile wallet in the ivory coast and senegal, allowing users to “withdraw, deposit, and transfer money,” as well as to “pay bills, buy phone credit, and

2017-09-25 01:05:37  

microcapital brief: water.org’s waterequity borrowing $20m from overseas private investment corporation for watercredit invest

MicroCapital Team

the overseas private investment corporation, a self-sustaining agency of the us government, recently agreed to lend usd 20 million to the watercredit investment fund 3, which will invest in microfinance institutions (mfis) and other organization

2017-09-22 02:01:03  

microcapital brief: fmo gives $240k to sanad technical assistance facility for msmes in the middle east, north africa

Aleksandr Marceau

the sanad technical assistance facility, an affiliate of the sanad fund for msme (micro-, small and medium-sized enterprises) that supports lenders to msmes in the middle east and north africa, recently received a grant of eur 200,000 (usd 240,0

2017-09-22 01:12:13  

microcapital brief: mfis in asia, central america borrow $10m from c-quadrat’s dual return vision microfinance funds

MicroCapital Team

c-quadrat asset management, an arm of austrian fund manager c-quadrat, recently informed microcapital that its dual return vision microfinance funds lent a total approximately equivalent to usd 10 million to unidentified microfinance institution

2017-09-21 02:30:33  

special report: ann miles on envisioning agriculture as a business for youth in africa – 3 weeks ahead of the sam conference i

MicroCapital Team

microcapital: the mastercard foundation is organizing a session at sam (semaine africaine de la microfinance) on “envisioning agriculture as a business for youth in africa.” what tools do youth need to be successful in agriculture? a

2017-09-21 01:07:08  

microcapital brief: c-quadrat’s dual return vision microfinance funds loan $12.5 to mfis in latin america, southeast asia

MicroCapital Team

an arm of austrian fund manager c-quadrat, c-quadrat asset management, recently informed microcapital that its dual return vision microfinance and dual return vision microfinance-local currency funds lent a total approximately equivalent to usd

2017-09-20 03:59:54  

microcapital brief: world vision, développement international desjardins (did), enablis deploying skills training for employme

Aleksandr Marceau

three canadian ngos, world vision canada, a unit of us-based christian ngo world vision; développement international desjardins (did), a provider of access to financial services and financial education; and enablis canada, a consultant to small

2017-09-20 11:22:41  

microfinance event: 3rd african international conference on islamic finance; october 16-17, 2017; abuja, nigeria

Ryan Gauthier

event name: third african international conference on islamic finance event location: transcorp hilton abuja; abuja, nigeria summary of event: this conference aims to highlight the ethics and impact of islamic finance, primarily in west africa.

2017-09-20 08:50:19  

microcapital brief: alliance for microfinance in myanmar raises $5m in equity from bopa, ifu, insitor, asia impact investment

Aleksandr Marceau

the alliance for microfinance in myanmar, a mandalay-based microfinance institution, recently received equity investments totaling usd 5 million from base of pyramid asia (bopa); the danish investment fund for developing countries, which is also

2017-09-19 01:05:55  

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