idx/sub subtitle problem

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I installed the new version ( and still have problems with idx/sub subtitles. They simply are not shown. srt subtitles work fine.

2016-03-22 22:05:33  

progress bar

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Is there any skin or whatever that makes the progress bar enlarge so that you can go with precision from one second to the other? Like on youtube... or anything similar???? Image:

2016-03-22 03:57:47  

KmPlayer 4 and NAS problem

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Hello i really like kmplayer 4 but i have a huge problem and for now i can`t use it.So my problem is when i play huge file (mkv 15-30 gb) after hit colse or stop it freeze some times for minute ,some time for a long than a minute and i see a ~500

2016-03-20 19:21:59  


فارسي (Farsi) - KMPlayerㅣForum

km player version 4 has ad in center of screen. no way to disable. will uninstall until removed. will go to VLC PLAYER.

2016-03-18 01:43:04  

Suddenly cannot play mp4 videos anymore

فارسي (Farsi) - KMPlayerㅣForum

Hi! I suddenly cannot play mp4 videos anymore. All I get is this message: I tried rebooting my computer, uninstalling and installing the player, but all to no a

2016-03-17 15:25:31  

Kann keine mp4 mehr spielen

فارسي (Farsi) - KMPlayerㅣForum

Hallo! Kann plötzlich keine mp4 Videos mehr abspielen. Bekomme nur diese Nachricht: Hat jemand eine Idee? Danke!

2016-03-17 15:23:51  

Video is slower than normal, Audio is normal.

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Sir, Audio is running normal but video is slower than normal. I tried to play same video in VLC player and its working fine. Another problem is that the Player hangs after 2-3 minutes of playing. And then i have to restart the computer. I tr

2016-03-16 14:10:49  

Масштабирование всегда по высоте.

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Добра всем. Ситуация: есть плейлист с кучей коротких мультиков-развивалок, все разного качества, разного разрешения и соотношения сторон кадра. Сам дисплей широкоформатный. И какую бы я настройку не выставляла для всего плейлиста, одни мультики

2016-03-15 14:50:07  

Language function not working

فارسي (Farsi) - KMPlayerㅣForum

Hi Even though I've selected English during installation, I ended up getting the Chinese version; I live in China. Your kind advice please, thanks. Best Menk

2016-03-11 04:57:37  

Wo werden die Positionen fürs Playback gespeichert?

فارسي (Farsi) - KMPlayerㅣForum

Man kann KMPlayer ja so einstellen, dass er sich die letzte Position merkt. Aber wo speichert er diese dann ab? Ich kann den Ordner / Datei einfach nicht finden... Weiß das jemand? danke!

2016-03-10 12:37:18  

novelty passports, driver’s licenses, ID cards (

فارسي (Farsi) - KMPlayerㅣForum

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2016-03-09 09:58:59  

task preview

فارسي (Farsi) - KMPlayerㅣForum

km player PREVIEW task does not work as in joutube though I set in general osd messages

2016-03-07 09:15:04  

Keyboard Shortcuts

فارسي (Farsi) - KMPlayerㅣForum

I've just installed KMPlayer on a new laptop and none of the keyboard shortcuts are working. Any ideas?

2016-03-03 15:14:04  

Проблемы с аудиодорожкой.

فارسي (Farsi) - KMPlayerㅣForum

Помогите пожалуйста!!! В сериале две русских дорожки и по умолчанию включается не та и приходится каждую серию переключать на нужную. Подскажите как сделать другую русскую дорожку по умолчанию?

2016-03-02 20:50:49  

KM Player wont update

فارسي (Farsi) - KMPlayerㅣForum

Hello, I have a problem with the player. When an update comes, I click auto update and nothing happens, kmplayer exits and thats it, whats the problem?

2016-02-29 17:24:56  

Choppy video with audio, smooth video no audio MKV

فارسي (Farsi) - KMPlayerㅣForum

Hello, Most of the time with video I was able to play fine, now it's either audio and choppy video or smooth video no audio or no video depending on audio selections. I change audio renderer and I get no video, change it to default I get audio.

2016-02-24 13:42:25  

Window publicity very annoying

فارسي (Farsi) - KMPlayerㅣForum

Very annoying this window, ads with audio band. I use KMPlayer from the beginning, perhaps now is the time to change

2016-02-22 14:31:39  

KM Player crashes when playing a film/video

فارسي (Farsi) - KMPlayerㅣForum

Hi, I started using KMPlayer and resolution-wise I love it over potplayer that I had previously. However, I'm encountering some glitches where if I play any video, kmplayer would just close out especially if say I scrub through the timeframe/slid

2016-02-22 04:54:40  

kmplayer jumps first line of srt

فارسي (Farsi) - KMPlayerㅣForum

It doesn't happen always, maybe it also happens with other video viewers (not with vlc). What can be done except adding empty line before the first. Whatever the answer is I hope it does not involve upgrading. thank you

2016-02-20 16:20:25  

KMPlayer Installer Not Working

فارسي (Farsi) - KMPlayerㅣForum

I'm trying to install version of KMPlayer. When I try to run the installer, it shows a splash screen, then it asks to choose a language. After that, it displays a progress window that never changes after being displayed. The only way to

2016-02-19 13:03:34  

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