news story: civil news: 2018 tender update on cla contracts

we are opening the tender process for 2018 civil legal advice contracts on 26 september 2017.

2017-09-26 12:25:39  

guidance: civil legal advice 2018 contract

the 2018 civil legal advice (cla) contract governs the provision of remote legal aid services in the categories of family, debt and housing, discrimination and education.

2017-09-26 12:09:15  

news story: veterans encouraged to sign up for career transition events

london vapc points to opportunities offered by veterans employment transition support programme.

2017-09-26 12:03:16  

transparency data: government hospitality wine cellar: annual statement 2016 to 2017

the wine cellar supports the work of government hospitality in providing business hospitality for all government ministers and departments.

2017-09-26 11:52:36  

detailed guide: academies financial returns: online form registration

guide for academy trusts on how to register and set up the online forms for the accounts return and the land and buildings collection tool

2017-09-26 11:52:00  

guidance: registration as a british citizen: stateless persons

guidance on registering as a british citizen for stateless persons.

2017-07-27 05:00:00  

guidance: civil 2018 contracts tender

information for organisations interested in delivering face to face civil, and/or specialist legal advice by telephone.

2017-01-20 09:03:00  

guidance: the department of health agreement of balances

the dh agreement of balances provides practical guidance for the dh accounting group agreement of balances exercises.

2016-12-16 10:53:00  

collection: government wine cellar

annual statements on the government wine cellar, which is used to support the work of government hospitality in delivering business hospitality for all government ministers and departments.

2015-07-20 12:17:00  

corporate information: statistics at defra

we publish national and official statistics relating to the environment, rural communities, food and farming.

2014-05-08 05:07:04  

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