coherent synchrotron radiation in whispering gallery modes: theory and evidence

Warnock, Robert L.

arxiv:1708.05500by: warnock, robert l.abstract: theory predicts that coherent synchrotron radiation (csr) in electron storage rings should appear in whispering gallery modes. in an idealized model these are resonances of the vacuum chamber that

2017-08-20 10:46:39  

demonstration of cascaded modulator-chicane micro-bunching of a relativistic electron beam

Sudar, N.

arxiv:1708.05456by: sudar, n.abstract: we present results of an experiment showing the first successful demonstration of a cascaded micro-bunching scheme. two modulator-chicane pre-bunchers arranged in series and a high power mid-ir laser seed a

2017-08-20 10:46:37  

three phase-grating moire neutron interferometer for large interferometer area applications

Sarenac, D.

arxiv:1708.05421by: sarenac, d.abstract: we demonstrate a three phase-grating neutron interferometer as a robust candidate for large area interferometry applications and characterization of materials. this novel far-field moire technique allows

2017-08-20 10:46:35  

an equal space for complex data with unknown internal order: observability, gauge invariance and manifold learning

Kemeth, Felix P.

arxiv:1708.05406by: kemeth, felix p.abstract: we discuss the interplay between manifold-learning techniques, which can extract intrinsic order from observations of complex dynamics, and systems modeling considerations. tuning the scale of the da

2017-08-20 10:46:33  

analysis of spectroscopic factors in 11be and 12be in the nilsson strong coupling limit

Macchiavelli, A.O.

arxiv:1708.05679by: macchiavelli, a.o.abstract: spectroscopic factors in 10be, 11be and 12be, extracted from (d,p), one neutron knockout, and (p,d) reactions are interpreted within the rotational model. assuming that the ground state and first e

2017-08-20 10:45:59  

enhancement of elliptic flow can signal a first order phase transition in high energy heavy ion collisions

Nara, Yasushi

arxiv:1708.05617yitp-17-80by: nara, yasushiabstract: the beam energy dependence of the elliptic flow,$v_2$, is studied in mid-central au+au collisions in the energy range of $3\leq \sqrt{s_{nn}} \leq 30$ gev within the microscopic transport mode

2017-08-20 10:45:56  

quantum van der waals and walecka models of nuclear matter

Poberezhnyuk, R.V.

arxiv:1708.05605by: poberezhnyuk, r.v.abstract: a comparable study of the quantum van der waals and walecka models of nuclear matter is presented. each model contains two parameters which characterize the repulsive and attractive interactions be

2017-08-20 10:45:55  

nonequilibrium thermodynamics with binary quantum correlations

Morawetz, Klaus

arxiv:1708.05602by: morawetz, klausabstract: the balance equations for thermodynamic quantities are derived from the nonlocal quantum kinetic equation. the nonlocal collisions lead to molecular contributions to the observables and currents. the

2017-08-20 10:45:53  

primordial lithium abundance problem of bbn and baryonic density in the universe

Singh, Vinay

arxiv:1708.05567by: singh, vinayabstract: prediction of the primordial abundances of elements in the big-bang nucleosynthesis (bbn) is one of the three strong evidences for the big bang model. precise knowledge of the baryon-to-photon ratio of t

2017-08-20 10:45:53  

a string theory which isn't about strings

Lee, Kanghoon

arxiv:1708.05707by: lee, kanghoonabstract: quantization of closed string proceeds with a suitable choice of worldsheet vacuum. a priori, the vacuum may be chosen independently for left-moving and right-moving sectors. we construct ab initio quan

2017-08-20 10:44:37  

emergent geometry through holomorphic matrix models

Pietromonaco, Stephen

arxiv:1708.05658by: pietromonaco, stephenabstract: over the years, deep insights into string theory and supersymmetric gauge theories have come from studying geometry emerging from matrix models. in this thesis, i study the n=1* and n=2* theorie

2017-08-20 10:44:34  

bulk viscosity from hydrodynamic fluctuations with relativistic hydro-kinetic theory

Akamatsu, Yukinao

arxiv:1708.05657by: akamatsu, yukinaoabstract: hydro-kinetic theory of thermal fluctuations is applied to a non-conformal relativistic fluid. solving the hydro-kinetic equations for an isotropically expanding background we find that hydrodynamic

2017-08-20 10:44:34  

virtual parapositronium that boils up from the vacuum: the electromagnetic decay rate

Mainland, G.B.

arxiv:1708.05612by: mainland, g.b.abstract: the interaction that primarily determines the speed of light as photons travel through the vacuum is postulated to be photons interacting with virtual, lepton-antilepton pairs that have boiled up from

2017-08-20 10:44:33  

a new approach to twisted k-theory of compact lie groups

Rosenberg, Jonathan

arxiv:1708.05541by: rosenberg, jonathanabstract: this paper explores further the computation of the twisted k-theory and k-homology of compact simple lie groups, previously studied by hopkins, moore, maldacena-moore-seiberg, braun, and douglas,

2017-08-20 10:44:33  

non-geometric vacua of the $\mathbf{\text{spin}(32)/\mathbb z_2}$ heterotic string and little string theories

Font, Anamaría

arxiv:1708.05428by: font, anamaríaabstract: we study a class of 6d $\mathcal{n}=(1,0)$ non-geometric vacua of the $\text{spin}(32)/\mathbb z_2$ heterotic string which can be understood as fibrations of genus-two curves over a complex one-dimensi

2017-08-20 10:44:33  

newton-cartan gravity and torsion

Bergshoeff, Eric

arxiv:1708.05414by: bergshoeff, ericabstract: we compare the gauging of the bargmann algebra, for the case of arbitrary torsion, with the result that one obtains from a null-reduction of general relativity. whereas the two procedures lead to the

2017-08-20 10:44:32  

diffusion in inhomogeneous media

Donos, Aristomenis

arxiv:1708.05412imperial-tp-2017-jg-04dcpt-17-21by: donos, aristomenisabstract: we consider the transport of conserved charges in spatially inhomogeneous quantum systems with a discrete lattice symmetry. we analyse the retarded two point functio

2017-08-20 10:44:32  

strongly-coupled anisotropic gauge theories and holography

Giataganas, Dimitrios

arxiv:1708.05691ncts-th-1712by: giataganas, dimitriosabstract: we initiate a non-perturbative study of anisotropic, non-conformal and confining gauge theories that are holographically realized in gravity by generic einstein-axion-dilaton systems

2017-08-20 10:43:43  

decoherence, matter effect, neutrino hierarchy signature in long baseline experiments

Coelho, João A. B.

arxiv:1708.05495by: coelho, joão a. b.abstract: environmental decoherence of oscillating neutrinos of strength $\gamma = (2.3 \pm 1.1) \times 10^{-23}$ gev can explain how maximal $\theta_{23}$ mixing observed at 295 km by t2k appears to be non-

2017-08-20 10:43:42  

computation of hybrid static potentials in su(3) lattice gauge theory

Reisinger, Christian

arxiv:1708.05562by: reisinger, christianabstract: we compute hybrid static potentials in su(3) lattice gauge theory. we present a method to generate a large set of suitable creation operators with defined quantum numbers from elementary building

2017-08-20 10:42:58  

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