oldest kids in class do better, even through college

John Ydstie

starting kindergarten later could boost kids' grades and improve their odds of attending a top college. being the youngest kid in class can hurt their academic performance.

2017-08-18 07:30:00  

charities pull fundraisers planned for trump's mar-a-lago

Greg Allen

for years, major charities have been holding fundraisers at mar-a-lago, the palm beach resort owned by president trump. now, in the wake of his comments on charlottesville, many are turning away.

2017-08-18 06:48:00  

gun-carrying protesters create 'tricky' question for aclu

Laurel Wamsley

"we don't feel we have to represent any group – including white supremacists – seeking to demonstrate with firearms," said the organization, which has long defended groups unpopular with its members.

2017-08-18 05:56:25  

trump's evangelical advisers stand by their man

Tom Gjelten

business leaders have resigned from trump's council over his response to charlottesville. but evangelical leaders say they see their role differently.

2017-08-18 04:50:00  

former new york yankee derek jeter becomes minority owner of miami marlins

derek jeter had a spectacular career playing shortstop for the new york yankees, during which he managed to avoid scandal and embarrassment and kept his private life tastefully private. so, what might all that brilliance as a player mean for him

2017-08-18 04:31:00  

why one kentucky town wants to keep its confederate monument

Jacob Ryan

when the university of louisville took down a monument to confederate soldiers from the civil war, a nearby kentucky town welcomed the statue — and residents still like that it's there.

2017-08-18 04:31:00  

trump's national security team meets to discuss way forward in afghanistan

Mary Louise Kelly

president trump's national security team has been trying — and failing — for months to come up with a new plan for afghanistan. on friday, they will meet again at camp david to plot a way forward in the longest war in u.s. history. defense secre

2017-08-18 04:31:00  

chief white house strategist steve bannon removed from white house job

npr's kelly mcevers speaks with joshua green, author of the devil's bargain: steve bannon, donald trump, and the storming of the presidency and senior national correspondent for bloomberg businessweek about reports that steve bannon is leaving t

2017-08-18 04:31:00  

how what happened 25 years ago at ruby ridge still matters today

Kirk Siegler

npr's kelly mcevers talks with author jess walter about the significance today of the 1992 deadly standoff between right-wing fundamentalists and the federal government at ruby ridge in idaho.

2017-08-18 04:31:00  

gov. asa hutchinson reacts to president trump's response to charlottesville

npr has been checking in with the republican gov. asa hutchinson of arkansas since primary season. following backlash over president trump's comments following white nationalist protests in charlottesville, va., npr's robert siegel checks in wit

2017-08-18 04:31:00  

fathers of our country: how u.s. presidents exercised moral leadership in crisis

Samantha Raphelson

npr's audie cornish talks to barbara perry, a presidential historian at the university of virginia, about how presidents have exercised moral leadership in critical moments.

2017-08-18 04:31:00  

the role of solar eclipses in religion

Tom Gjelten

throughout human history, solar eclipses have been seen as having great religious significance, often as omens or signs of divine warning or punishment. major and minor religions alike have their own understandings.

2017-08-18 04:31:00  

oklahoma senator james lankford reacts to steve bannon's white house departure

npr's kelly mcevers speaks with republican sen. james lankford of oklahoma about steve bannon's departure from the white house.

2017-08-18 04:31:00  

virginia communities remember police officers who died after charlottesville protests

Mallory Noe-Payne

two virginia state police officers died in a helicopter crash after the charlottesville, va., protests on saturday. today a funeral was held in richmond for trooper-pilot berke m. m. bates. pilot lt. h. jay cullen will be remembered tomorrow.

2017-08-18 04:31:00  

ice has arrested more than 400 in operation targeting parents who pay smugglers

John Burnett

the domestic phase of ice's controversial human smuggling disruption initiative concluded on friday, the agency told npr.

2017-08-18 04:31:00  

did a bail reform algorithm contribute to this san francisco man's murder?

Eric Westervelt

the july murder of photographer ed french, is raising questions and concerns about a pretrial risk assessment computer tool used by a growing number of county and city courts.

2017-08-18 02:00:19  

steve bannon out as chief white house strategist

Scott Horsley

earlier this week, president trump offered only half-hearted support for the man considered instrumental in getting him to the oval office.

2017-08-18 01:07:00  

charlottesville victim's mother says she will not take trump's calls

Merrit Kennedy

"you can't wash this one away by shaking my hand and saying i'm sorry," susan bro told good morning america. her daughter heather heyer was killed as she was protesting against white supremacists.

2017-08-18 12:53:00  

who are the confederate men memorialized with statues?

Tanya Ballard Brown

confederate statues and monuments are coming down all over the country.

2017-08-18 11:54:09  

maryland state house removes statue of judge who wrote dred scott decision

Laurel Wamsley

the infamous 1857 decision upheld slavery and declared that blacks were not citizens. maryland's state house trust voted wednesday to remove the statue from its grounds, where it stood for 145 years.

2017-08-18 11:21:00  

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