experts urge more awareness of russian meddling of u.s., european polls, want congress to act

the united states will get hit again by russian cyberattacks if the country doesn’t pay closer attention and work more closely with european allies who ...

2017-06-28 09:42:32  

archaeologists find prehistoric stone fish trap near mouth of alaska island salmon stream

archaeologists have discovered a prehistoric fish trap constructed of rock walls near the mouth of a salmon stream on alaska’s kodiak island. the trap is ...

2017-06-28 09:28:52  

despaigne homer lifts hawks past fighters

alfredo despaigne hit a tie-breaking, eighth-inning home run, the fourth of the game for the fukuoka softbank hawks in a 6-5 win over the hokkaido ...

2017-06-28 09:44:33  

cerezo, tokyo gain upper hand in j. league cup playoffs

cerezo osaka and fc tokyo each took a step toward the last eight of the j. league cup on wednesday after winning the first leg ...

2017-06-28 09:27:15  

defense minister draws flak for implying sdf support of ldp candidate in tokyo assembly poll

Tomohiro Osaki

defense minister tomomi inada fended off calls for her resignation wednesday after she suggested the self-defense forces backed a liberal democratic party candidate in the ...

2017-06-28 07:19:58  

vanilla air makes wheelchair user pull himself up stairs to airplane

Daisuke Kikuchi

a subsidiary of all nippon airways co. apologized to a paralyzed man after it forced him to climb stairs on his own using only his ...

2017-06-28 07:15:01  

japan — where the suburbs meet utopia

Damian Flanagan

after flirtations with city and country, a roaming suburban boy finds that true bliss lies somewhere in between.

2017-06-28 06:30:21  

views from nagoya: what’s the worst decision you’ve ever made?

people in the greater nagoya area recount things they wish they hadn't — or had — done.

2017-06-28 06:29:58  

roles of individual shareholders

individual shareholders are strongly encouraged to use shareholders meetings as an opportunity to critically evaluate the management of firms.

2017-06-28 05:55:01  

global warming and nuclear power

Gregory Clark

rather than the evils of global warming, the debate should focus on how to supply the world's energy needs without polluting the atmosphere.

2017-06-28 05:54:46  

toshiba deal repeats japan inc.’s old mistakes

Michael Schuman

with their persistent interference, the bureaucrats are hurting, not helping japan's prospects.

2017-06-28 05:53:57  

toshiba sues western digital for ¥120 billion as standoff imperils plans for chip unit sale

Kazuaki Nagata

toshiba corp. filed a lawsuit against western digital corp. on wednesday seeking a court injunction to end the u.s. firms’s efforts to block the sale ...

2017-06-28 05:50:51  

chinese navy launches most advanced homegrown destroyer

Jesse Johnson

highlighting its growing naval prowess amid heated disputes in both the south and east china seas, beijing unveiled its most advanced homegrown destroyer wednesday, the ...

2017-06-28 05:48:26  

world’s first starbucks coffee shop with tatami rooms to open in kyoto

japan’s ancient capital of kyoto has many tourist attractions to offer, from its historic sites to scenic landscapes, and is now adding a new one ...

2017-06-28 05:08:29  

new employees ready to challenge japan’s ‘work-first’ culture, study shows

japanese workers devoting themselves to working massively long hours for their employers might be becoming a thing of the past. nearly half of newly employed ...

2017-06-28 04:47:08  

maeda dominates in spot start for dodgers

kenta maeda has gone from the rotation to the bullpen to spot starting this month. maeda, like many baseball players, was built on routine, but ...

2017-06-28 04:33:29  

nagoya basho contenders looking to stay cool in tournament known for upsetting the odds

John Gunning

with the release of the new banzuke rankings on monday, thoughts turned to the upcoming nagoya basho. the steamy capital of central japan hosts a ...

2017-06-28 04:33:28  

issey ogata finds wonderland in riga in ‘magic kimono’

Mark Schilling

issey ogata has built his career on virtuoso one-man theater shows in which he changes characters, from drunken salaryman to female fishmonger, as easily as ...

2017-06-28 04:30:09  

dean fujioka evokes sympathy for the con man in ‘marriage’

Mark Schilling

marriage scammers in the movies may be masters of deception, but their motives are usually clear enough. in charlie chaplin’s “monsieur verdoux” (1947) the title ...

2017-06-28 04:29:37  

the anti-stars of alternative music make for fascinating documentary subjects in ‘theory of obscurity: a film about the reside

Giovanni Fazio

some 45 years after their first appearance on a san francisco stage, the residents remain a band that practically defines the term “cult,” and their ...

2017-06-28 04:28:24  

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