trump signs bill authorizing war on terror memorial

the president signed the bill at camp david on friday.

2017-08-19 05:52:04  

john mccain completes first round of radiation, chemotherapy treatment

"his resilience & strength is incredible," daughter meghan mccain tweeted.

2017-08-19 04:35:13  

bannon returning to breitbart news after resigning as white house chief strategist

he was one of trump's top advisers.

2017-08-19 12:40:16  

watch: steve bannon out at white house

bannon resigned friday as white house chief strategist after being forced out by president trump and top members of his team.

2017-08-18 09:43:21  

analysis: trump's golf vacation drives wedge within gop

this is a new phase in a relationship that has been tenuous from the start.

2017-08-18 09:11:04  

watch: mother of heather heyer 'won't talk to trump'

the mother of the counter-protester killed in charlottesville sits down with robin roberts to provide a message to president trump.

2017-08-18 09:04:22  

washington reacts to steve bannon's white house departure

bannon was under pressure to resign.

2017-08-18 07:51:10  

businessman carl icahn departs role advising trump on regulations

icahn pushed back on suggestions of impropriety by saying he had "no duties."

2017-08-18 07:29:48  

charities, non-profits pull events from mar-a-lago amid charlottesville controversy

the developments come amid backlash to trump's response to charlottesville

2017-08-18 05:59:27  

watch: steve bannon out as white house drama continues

abc news' political team looks at the events that led to bannon's departure and where the trump administration will go from here.

2017-08-18 05:54:24  

watch: what is camp david?

the country retreat in maryland has been used by presidents since franklin roosevelt.

2017-08-18 05:02:02  

what to know about presidential retreat camp david

presidents have used the retreat to broker agreements and host world leaders

2017-08-18 04:44:47  

watch: steve bannon out at as white house chief strategist

a source close to bannon told abc news the resignation was effective on aug. 14, exactly one year after he joined the trump campaign.

2017-08-18 01:46:27  

watch: steve bannon: in a minute

the former ceo of breitbart news served as donald trump's chief white house strategist for nine months.

2017-08-18 01:11:05  

watch: hope hicks: everything you need to know

the longtime trump aide has will serve as interim white house communications director.

2017-08-18 12:20:15  

romney says trump must 'apologize' for charlottesville remarks

the former republican presidential candidate shared some thoughts.

2017-08-18 12:06:17  

3 representatives want to officially censure trump after charlottesville

it would be a formal and historic rebuke of president trump's remarks.

2017-08-18 10:56:26  

watch: the note: trump entangled in charlottesville backlash

trump hunkers down at camp david with his national security council amid fallout from his charlottesville remarks and his response to barcelona that included spreading a debunked story.

2017-08-18 09:59:18  

watch: trump rails against the removal of 'beautiful statues'

after the hate attacks in charlottesville, trump mourned the removal of confederate statues and monuments.

2017-08-18 05:33:55  

watch: 5 times trump shared debunked story about gen. pershing

according to trump, pershing dipped bullets used to execute muslim terrorists in pig blood, but fact-checking organizations have deemed the story to be false.

2017-08-17 11:53:04  

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