a hedge fund cofounded by a 32-year old has raised $100 million

Business Insider

a new hedge fund has raised over $100 million and plans to use troves of data from other managers to select its investments.  epsilon asset management plans to scrape decades of regulatory documents to analyze positions of other active mana

2017-08-20 05:35:00  

the cofounder of $1.3 billion startup robinhood explains a 'logical fallacy' in investing

Business Insider

robinhood, the $1.3 billion san francisco brokerage firm, is known for introducing zero-commission trades. cofounder baiju bhatt told business insider that his company, which is popular with millennials, will never lose sight of the first-time i

2017-08-20 05:34:00  

traders have lost almost $10 billion betting against alibaba this year (baba)

Business Insider

if you're thinking about betting against alibaba's stock, you might first consider simply lighting your money on fire. traders wagering on declines in the company's shares have lost a grand total of $9.8 billion in 2017, according to data provid

2017-08-20 04:01:00  

the stock market's safety net is working better than ever

Business Insider

there's no denying that corporate share buybacks are the fuel that keep stock prices rising during lean times. but while they help the broader market, they've been a drag on the performance of the companies most active in executing them. that's

2017-08-20 02:03:00  

wall street's biggest stock-market bear thinks bitcoin will surge to $6,000

Business Insider

fundstrat founder tom lee isn't so positive on the stock market these days, but he's amplifying his bullish bet on bitcoin.  in a note on friday, lee forecast that the cryptocurrency could rise to $6,000 a coin by the middle

2017-08-20 01:24:00  

the 5 biggest winners and losers at the box office this summer — including 'wonder woman,' rotten tomatoes, and sequels (amc)

Jason Guerrasio

the summer movie season is supposed to be the time of year when movie studios and theaters cash in. the big event movies are placed in the summer months to specifically draw in the kids who are out of school. in the past, that's led to a pe

2017-08-20 01:16:00  

the fed just fired off a stark warning — and it highlights one of the biggest risks for stocks

Business Insider

the federal reserve is done pulling punches. it thinks the stock market is too expensive, and it wants investors to take note. in the minutes of its july meeting, the central bank explicitly highlighted stretched equity valuations, sharpening it

2017-08-20 01:02:00  

amazon can borrow money more cheaply than russia, mexico and china (amzn)

Business Insider

amazon got a pretty sweet deal on its recent $16 billion debt financing. the deal was so good, in fact, that a chunk of it ended up being better than what the governments of russia, mexico, greece, chile and china could've gotten, according to a

2017-08-20 12:02:00  

a senior exec in citigroup's equities unit has left

Business Insider

a senior executive in citigroup's equities unit has left the bank. david tenney, formerly the co-head of investor sales services for the americas, left citi in july after four years at the firm, tenney wrote in a post on linkedin. 

2017-08-20 12:00:00  

several ceos are voicing the same complaint about one of trump's biggest brags (hlt, met, jpm, acn, omc, vtr)

Business Insider

president donald trump likes to tout the fact that business and consumer confidence surged after his election.  but the ceos of several large companies have the same grievance: they aren't seeing consumers spending much more, and can't yet

2017-08-20 11:20:00  

'the hitman's bodyguard' wins a lazy weekend box office as the 'logan lucky' experiment fails

Jason Guerrasio

the summer movie season is limping to the finish line as this august features no major blockbuster releases from any of the major studios. that has opened the door for midsize and independent distributors to show off what they can offer. sadly,

2017-08-20 11:15:06  

traders are doubling down on one of the market's hottest trades

Business Insider

you'd think last thursday's stock market shock would have investors betting on more price swings. the opposite has happened. traders are instead using the 44% single-day spike in the cboe volatility index — or vix — as a reason to pi

2017-08-20 11:04:00  

meet the finance players who made fortune’s 40 under 40 list this year

Business Insider

finance is said to be a young person’s game, and the bankers, financiers, and founders on this year’s fortune 40 under 40 list prove just that. this year's version of the annual list was led by the recently elected french president e

2017-08-20 11:02:00  

warren buffett dropped ge and signaled the end of an era (brk.a, ge)

Business Insider

warren buffett cashed out of his $315 million position in general electric, signaling the end of an era and an uncertain future for the $217 billion conglomerate. the company has underperformed in recent years. while the s&p 500 returned mor

2017-08-20 10:35:00  

the way tesla and amazon are raising billions shows why traders shouldn't be scared of big stock drops

Business Insider

while the stock market was taking it on the chin late last week, hidden machinations were already underway to save it from further pain. on friday, as the s&p 500 was completing a 1.6% skid over four days, tesla easily priced a $1.8 billion

2017-08-20 10:03:00  

the salary you need to earn to buy a home right now in 23 of the most expensive us housing markets

Tanza Loudenback

in the second quarter of 2017, the us housing supply continued to lag, pushing home prices further upward, according to the national association of realtors (nar). by the end of june, there were 1.96 million existing homes available for sale &md

2017-08-20 10:00:00  

goldman sachs may have lost $100 million on an energy bet gone wrong (gs)

Business Insider

a sour bet on the direction of natural gas prices contributed to goldman sachs' weak performance in commodities trading during the second quarter. according to the wall street journal, the bank had wrongly bet on an increase in gas pri

2017-08-20 09:30:00  

goldman sachs has ascended to the top of a different kind of ranking — and it's poised for a big payoff (gs)

Business Insider

wall street banks care a lot about how they stack up against their rivals. at the top of their earnings statements, they tout where they placed in each line of business, and those rankings appear in every pitch book they hand out.

2017-08-20 09:10:00  

this 18-year-old digital-currency millionaire thinks bitcoin could hit $10,000 a coin

Matt Weinberger

erik finman may be only 18, but he's a millionaire, thanks to a very shrewd and early investment in bitcoin. and despite the recent tumult in the world of digital currency and a huge run-up in the value of bitcoin, finman is still a bitcoin beli

2017-08-20 09:00:00  

a secretive quant fund offered staff the rare opportunity to invest — and then delivered a bumper return

Business Insider

renaissance technologies, a secretive quant fund founded by math whiz james simons, gave employees the opportunity to increase their stakes in the firm's flagship fund by 50% or more after president trump's election — if they could do it i

2017-08-20 08:00:00  

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