train crash in egypt kills more than 40 people

Colin Dwyer

a train from cairo hit the back of another train stopped near a station outside alexandria. more than 120 people were injured, according to the country's health ministry.

2017-08-11 05:07:00  

u.n.: more than 600,000 syrians have returned home in 2017

Merrit Kennedy

the u.n. migration agency says that number is comparable to the number of returns spanning the entire year in 2016. but new displacements are considerably higher than returns.

2017-08-11 04:34:00  

smugglers throw nearly 280 migrants overboard near yemen

smugglers off the coast of yemen threw as many as 280 migrants overboard this week, according to the international organization for migration. the iom says dozens of migrants from ethiopia and somalia are dead. npr's ari shapiro talks with joel

2017-08-11 04:25:00  

isis used ebay as part of terror network, unsealed fbi affidavit shows

Doreen McCallister

the network operated by a senior islamic state official used fake ebay and paypal transactions to funnel money to an alleged u.s. operative, who has pleaded not guilty to supporting a terror group.

2017-08-11 04:18:00  

yemen teeters on brink of a new 'catastrophe' as blood bank eyes closure

Colin Dwyer

already racked by violence and the world's worst cholera outbreak, the country is now eyeing another crisis: the national blood transfusion centre may have to shut down amid dwindling supplies.

2017-08-10 06:19:00  

smugglers reportedly toss up to 180 migrants overboard near yemen

Scott Neuman

at least five migrants died thursday — "deliberately drowned" by smugglers afraid of arrest, the international organization for migration says. some 50 others are still missing.

2017-08-10 04:08:00  

ruth pfau, beacon for pakistan's leprosy patients, dies at 87

Colin Dwyer

the german-born nun and doctor stopped in karachi more than five decades ago by accident. but she returned — and through her relentless efforts against leprosy, earned the admiration of the country.

2017-08-10 02:51:00  

an iraqi-kurdish-israeli dumpling soup makes its way to america

Devra Ferst

to make kubeh soup, braised beef is stuffed into semolina and ground bulgur dumplings. brought to israel by immigrants, this time-consuming dish has become one of the nation's culinary treasures.

2017-08-10 07:00:00  

syrian activist loans scraps of fabric with prisoners' names to museum

Michele Kelemen

when syrian mansour al-omari left prison, he smuggled out pieces of fabric with the names of other inmates written in blood. he's hopes experts at the holocaust memorial museum can help recover them.

2017-08-09 04:31:00  

qatar ends visa requirements for 80 nations, calling itself 'most open' in region

Bill Chappell

the change, effective immediately, means that people from the u.s. and other countries are now able to enter qatar "with no paperwork, no payment and no visas."

2017-08-09 02:23:00  

netanyahu's former chief of staff agrees to cooperate with police corruption probe

Daniel Estrin

israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu's former chief of staff has agreed to cooperate with a police corruption investigation, leading many israelis to speculate about netanyahu's future.

2017-08-08 04:22:00  

iraqis remain displaced 1 year after fallujah's liberation from isis

Jane Arraf

a year after isis was forced from fallujah, the iraqi city is still impoverished and extensively damaged. many families languish in displaced camps because they're suspected to have ties to isis.

2017-08-08 04:22:00  

does israeli corruption probe of netanyahu risk his grip on power?

Daniel Estrin

israeli police have been investigating possible corruption by prime minister benjamin netanyahu. now, his former chief of staff has struck a deal with authorities to become a witness for the state.

2017-08-08 05:09:00  

war crimes expert carla del ponte resigns from u.n.'s syria inquiry

david greene talks to former war crimes prosecutor carla del ponte, who has announced she is quitting a u.n. commission investigating human rights abuses in syria because it "does absolutely nothing."

2017-08-08 05:09:00  

morning news brief: opioid crisis, netanyahu faces corruption probe

president trump will get a briefing on the opioid epidemic. the chief of staff for israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu will be a witness for the state in a corruption inquiry into netanyahu.

2017-08-08 05:09:00  

democracy advocate executed in syria

Scott Simon

it was reported this week that one of syria's leading activists for democracy and free speech, bassel khartabil sadafi, was executed by the syrian government almost two years ago.

2017-08-05 08:11:39  

multistory fire in dubai's torch tower extinguished without injuries

Scott Neuman

it's the second time in two years that the 1,100-foot structure — one of the world's tallest residential skyscrapers — experienced a major fire.

2017-08-04 07:46:00  

multistory fire in dubai's torch tower extinguished without injuries

Scott Neuman

it's the second time in two years that the 1,100-foot structure — one of the world's tallest residential skyscrapers — experienced a major fire.

2017-08-04 07:46:00  

examining jared kushner's chances at achieving a mideast peace solution

ailsa chang talks to ex-state department negotiator aaron david miller, who says a leaked tape indicates the president's son-in-law may have no strategy for resolving the israeli-palestinian conflict.

2017-08-03 05:05:00  

refugees are being returned to rebel-held province in syria from lebanon

Ruth Sherlock

several thousand refugees displaced by syria's civil war are moving back to their homeland from lebanon. a bus convoy took the refugees to idlib, a rebel-held province far in the north of syria.

2017-08-03 05:05:00  

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