where are they now? all of the players in the blockbuster deal that brought carmelo anthony to the knicks

Scott Davis

the carmelo anthony trade remains one of the biggest trades in nba history. the 2011 blockbuster finally ended the saga known as "melo-drama," sending anthony from the nuggets to the knicks to form what was supposed to be a super-team

2017-08-19 02:29:00  

'straight outta compton' star o'shea jackson jr. is a scene stealer in his new movie

Jason Guerrasio

o'shea jackson jr. is best known for being the son of ice cube. but that's going to change soon. since playing his father in the hit n.w.a. biopic "straight outta compton" in 2015, the rising star has been keeping a low profile. howeve

2017-08-19 02:13:00  

here's what it's like to attend school on the edge of north korea — the world's most militarized border

Abby Jackson

twenty-nine students attend school in the demilitarized zone (dmz) between north and south korea. american troops monitor the situation to the north and teach english to the students. less than 100 miles away from the border lies 70% o

2017-08-19 02:02:00  

sean parker's airtime — a notorious flop 5 years ago — says it now has millions of users video chatting together

Business Insider

sean parker's video chat app airtime is attracting a following in its second incarnation. the company's president says millions of people are using the app to virtually hang out and watch content together. original shows are a "gigantic opp

2017-08-19 01:52:00  

4 outdated manners today's parents don't need to teach their kids

Shana Lebowitz

• manners are always welcome, but some are outdated • good manners are about making people feel comfortable, and some old-fashioned ones no longer do that • teaching your child to be thoughtful about how they interact with other p

2017-08-19 01:48:00  

this chart shows the actual — and perceived — number of immigrants in 9 countries

Business Insider

anti-immigrant sentiment is on the rise across the us and europe.  in the us, president donald trump has unveiled legislation intended to limit immigration to only high-skill workers. and the percentage of immigrants in the u

2017-08-19 01:37:00  

credit cards are going the way of fax machines

BI Intelligence

this is a preview of a research report from bi intelligence, business insider's premium research service. to learn more about bi intelligence, click here. the modern smartphone is a remarkable device. a single device that fits in your pocket can

2017-08-19 01:16:00  

a man reported the sexual harassment he witnessed at his job — and got fired

Julie Bort

imagine that you're a guy who landed a job at a mid-sized company where your skills were a great fit and you were making good money. the one big drawback: your boss talks crudely. but under him, the department was meeting its performance go

2017-08-19 12:36:12  

ace hardware ceo: i'd never say we're amazon proof, but here are 3 ways we can survive the retail apocalypse (amzn)

Business Insider

retail is in peril, and amazon is a big reason why. but home improvement stores have enjoyed some protection from amazon's encroachment into virtually every sector. they're sometimes described as being amazon-proof in the media.  "i wo

2017-08-19 12:30:00  

ranked: the 21 best heist movies of all time

Jason Guerrasio

there's something about a good heist movie that makes going to the multiplex worthwhile. with the high stakes, and the top-shelf actors and directors who seem to gravitate to the genre, when it's done right, it can be a thrilling cinematic exper

2017-08-19 12:11:00  

tech 'unicorn' ipos are booming

Business Insider

highly-valued tech startups are going public at a pace not seen in three years. four so-called "unicorns," or private companies valued at $1 billion or higher, completed initial public offerings in the second quarter. that was double w

2017-08-19 12:03:00  

if you're watching the total solar eclipse, don't forget to wear sunscreen

Lydia Ramsey

if you're planning to marvel in the total solar eclipse on august 21, be sure to wear sunscreen  — especially if you're planning to view it for a long time. while you might be more concerned with keeping your eyes safe 

2017-08-19 12:00:00  

the 19 most interesting ad-tech upstarts of 2017, ranked

Business Insider

ad-tech funding has dried up and the ipo market is quiet. but there are many companies making waves, particularly startups focused on marketing data, brand safety, and the future of tv ads. in ad tech, things have changed. you can see it in the

2017-08-19 11:54:00  

how animals will react to the upcoming solar eclipse

Kevin Loria

there's something disconcerting about darkness in the middle of the day. you get a taste of that feeling when a storm suddenly rolls in overhead, but a total solar eclipse, like the one a 70-mile-wide swath cutting across the us will see on augu

2017-08-19 11:45:00  

goldman sachs has hired a former silicon valley executive to recruit tech talent (gs)

Business Insider

goldman sachs has hired a top silicon valley executive to help attract tech talent. wall street firms are digitizing their offerings and are competing with tech giants for engineering talent. goldman sachs is bringing on a silicon valley-inside

2017-08-19 11:38:00  

'game of thrones' cinematographer reveals the unexpected perils of filming: 'they were going to pull us all off the cliff'

Kim Renfro

warning: spoilers ahead for "game of thrones" season seven.  "game of thrones" is a series known for its staggering visual achievements and epic feature-film levels of production quality. insider recently spoke with robert mc

2017-08-19 11:33:53  

california's lesser-known wine hotspot was named best small town to visit in america — take a look

Melia Robinson

sonoma, california, a region located in the heart of america's top winemaking region, has been named the best small town to visit in the country by us news & world report. the accolade came as a surprise, largely because sonoma is a county m

2017-08-19 11:15:00  

why mcdonald's ice cream machines are seemingly always broken (mcd)

Hayley Peterson

mcdonald's won widespread praise earlier this year when the fast-food chain said it would be replacing its ice cream machines after years of complaints from customers. but five months after the announcement, mcdonald's ice cream machines are sti

2017-08-19 11:10:00  

an activist hedge fund has reportedly amassed a $400 million stake in yogurt maker danone

Business Insider

activist hedge fund corvex management is loading up on shares of danone, the $53 billion french conglomerate that sells yogurts like yocrunch and activia as well as evian bottled water. corvex recently bought a $400 million stake in danone &mdas

2017-08-19 11:08:00  

stocks are looking unstoppable

Business Insider

the us stock market simply will not be defeated. just two sessions after the s&p 500 tumbled 1.5%, its biggest decline since may, the benchmark ended monday back within half a percent of its level before the north korea-fueled sell-off. the

2017-08-19 11:02:00  

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