Star Citizen Adding Real-Time Facial Animation System, See It Here

Developer Cloud Imperium Games has made a big announcement about Star Citizen. The studio announced that it's working with Faceware Technologies to introduce the company's "first-of-its-kind" facial tech that will let you animate your character's

2017-08-26 00:33:00  

Terminator 2 Co-Writer William Wisher Says T2 3D Is 'A Perfect Version'

When you hear "Terminator 2 3D," you might recall a certain 3D theme park attraction called T2 3-D: Battle Across Time, especially if you visited any Universal Studios parks in the last 20 years. This week, the 1991 classic is returning to theate

2017-08-26 00:00:00  

AMD Releases New Version Of Radeon Driver To Support Destiny 2 Beta; Here's What It Does

Destiny 2's PC beta is right around the corner, running from August 28-31 (or 29-31 for those who don't pre-order). In anticipation of its launch, AMD has released a new edition of its Radeon Crimson ReLive driver and software suite for optimal p

2017-08-25 23:41:00  

Syfy's Channel Zero Trailer Is Unsettling And Haunting

The first trailer for the second season of Channel Zero is out, and you're best not watching it alone in the dark. The story for this year is based on Creepypasta's "No-End House," which is about a house where each room gets increasingly terrifyi

2017-08-25 23:11:00  

The Evil Within 2 Broadens Its Nightmares, Deepening The Horrors

The Evil Within 2 was one of Bethesda's big surprises at E3 2017. But despite this, the publisher has been rather tight-lipped about its next foray into survival-horror, which is already coming out on October 13. Thankfully during GamesCom and Qu

2017-08-25 23:09:00  

Beautiful Cyberpunk City-Builder Announced By Crypt Of The NecroDancer Dev

The developer behind Crypt of the NecroDancer has just announced its next game, and it's quite a bit different than the rhythm-based dungeon crawler. Industries of Titan is a city-building simulation/strategy game, and it looks awesome.The game t

2017-08-25 23:03:00  

Xbox One X Pre-Order Sales Outpace Any Previous Xbox, Microsoft Says

While it may not technically be a brand-new system, there is a demand for the upcoming Xbox One X. According to Microsoft, it's been pre-ordered more quickly than any other console in Xbox history.As expected, pre-orders for the Xbox One X were a

2017-08-25 22:51:00  

Pokken Tournament DX's Latest Switch Trailer Highlights New Features

The Pokemon fighting game Pokken Tournament DX arrives on Switch in a little less than a month. Today, Nintendo released a new trailer for the game that gives fans an overview of all the new features and content that await in this version.Most no

2017-08-25 22:43:00  

Dragon Ball FighterZ: All The Characters Confirmed (So Far)

Let The BattleZ BeginAfter much anticipation following its initial announcement, the Arc System Works-developed Dragon Ball fighting game was revealed at Microsoft's E3 press conference. Titled Dragon Ball FighterZ, the game sports dynamic, fast-

2017-08-25 22:39:00  

Splatoon 2's Next Free DLC Weapon And Map Arrive Tonight

The next free DLC weapon for Splatoon 2 is coming soon. This week, players can clean up on the battlefield with the Sloshing Machine, another returning weapon from the first Splatoon.The Sloshing Machine will be available in the game's weapon sho

2017-08-25 22:35:00  

PSA: Arms' Free Limited-Time Switch Demo Going On Now

Switch owners who have yet to pick up Nintendo's unusual fighting game, Arms, now have another chance to try it out for free. The Arms Global Testpunch demo has returned for another weekend.Unlike the previous Testpunch event, which was only avai

2017-08-25 22:33:00  

No Man's Sky Updated For The Third Time In Eight Days; Here's What It Does

Ever since the massive, free Atlas Rises update went live in No Man's Sky, developer Hello Games seems to be treating the game like it's brand new. It's released updates at a very high frequency over the past couple of weeks, and the latest patch

2017-08-25 22:16:00  

Fantastic Tinder-Like Adventure Game Reigns Is Getting A Sequel

You might associate swiping right and left most closely with Tinder, but developer Nerial figured out a way to make a great adventure game based on the same actions with Reigns. Today, the studio announced that a sequel is in the works.Reigns: He

2017-08-25 21:53:00  

This Pokemon Merch Is For The World's Best Players Only

Only For The BestThe 2017 Pokemon World Championships were held in Anaheim, CA from August 18 to 20. At the event, top-tier players in Pokemon Sun and Moon, the trading card game, and even Pokken Tournament competed for the title of World Champio

2017-08-25 21:37:00  

New Dragon Ball FighterZ Trailer Shows Off First Footage Of Super Saiyan Blue Goku And Vegeta

Bandai Namco shared another new trailer for Dragon Ball FighterZ at Gamescom today. This video provides fans with their first look at two of the game's most powerful fighters, Super Saiyan Blue Goku and Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta.The two Saiyans ar

2017-08-25 21:34:00  

Star Trek: Discovery Delayed Again, Spock's Father Cast

Star Trek: Discovery has been delayed again. The show was set to premiere in May--having already been pushed from January--but it no longer has a set transmission date.According to The Hollywood Reporter, production doesn't start until next week,

2017-01-18 21:31:00  

EA Dates Its 2017 Pre-E3 Event, EA Play

E3 is still roughly five months away, but Electronic Arts has already revealed the date for the second year of its pre-E3 event, EA Play.This year's event is scheduled to take place from June 10-12, the weekend (and Monday) before E3 officially b

2017-01-18 21:25:00  

New Spider-Man Animated Movie Will Focus on Miles Morales

Today during a Sony Pictures Animation event, the film company shared some further details about the untitled animated Spider-Man movie coming in 2018.We learned that the standalone movie will focus on Miles Morales, a version of the web-crawler

2017-01-18 20:24:00  

Final Fantasy 15 Update Lets You Ruin Prompto's Hobby, Take Your Own Photos

Square Enix has shared new details regarding a forthcoming update for Final Fantasy XV, and not all of the news is likely to please Prompto.On its Japanese website (as translated by Gematsu), Square Enix outlined the contents of an update arrivin

2017-01-18 20:12:00  

Resident Evil 7 Supports Microsoft's Cross-Buy System on Xbox One and PC

It's not much of a surprise, but Xbox boss Phil Spencer officially confirmed today on Twitter that Capcom's Resident Evil 7 is an Xbox Play Anywhere title. That means if you buy it digitally on Xbox One or PC, you will have access to it on the ot

2017-01-18 20:04:00  

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