Key Diablo Designer Leaves Marvel Heroes Studio

David Brevik, the CEO of Marvel Heroes developer Gazillion Entertainment, has left the California-based company after 6.5 years to pursue other opportunities. The news was first reported this week by VentureBeat, which explains that the split was

2016-01-09 13:56:00  

Weekly Recap: Oculus Costs $600, PS4 Reaches 36 Million, Scalebound Delayed

Weekly RecapHere's a roundup of the week's biggest stories and some you might have missed. Click "Next Image" to launch into the gallery. $600Unsurprisingly, Oculus Riift is not going to be cheap. Oculus VR this week opened preorders for the

2016-01-09 13:00:00  

New Mortal Kombat X DLC Gameplay Video Coming Next Week

Mortal Kombat X fans don't have much longer to wait to learn more about the fighting game's upcoming Kombat Pack 2. Series creator Ed Boon says on Twitter that some kind of gameplay video for the expansion will drop next week. However, he didn't

2016-01-09 12:34:00  

GS News Top 5 - Oculus Rift Price Revealed; Scalebound and ReCore Delayed

We may not see an Assassin's Creed in 2016, A new Fallout 4 mod adds cel-shaded graphics, and the Oculus Rift minimum requirements were announced.

2016-01-09 01:19:00  

This Game's Release Is Being Held Back Until Twitch Can Beat It [UPDATE]

[UPDATE] Success! After 36 hours, the Twitch community was able to beat Punch Club. Over 70,000 people participated. Now that it's been beaten, the game has been put up for sale on Steam.The original story is below.The "Twitch Plays" phenomenon c

2016-01-08 21:34:00  

The Biggest Games to Play in 2016

The anticipation is building.Now that all 25 of our Game of the Year choices have been revealed, it's time to look towards the future. And so, our editorial staff has compiled a list of our 25 most anticipated games coming out next year. The foll

2015-12-29 16:00:00  

Video Game 2015 Holiday Cards

Happy Holidays!Video Game 2015 Holiday CardsIt's the most wonderful time of the year. Click through the images in this gallery to see some of the cards that video game developers and publishers are sending out to offer well-wishes this holiday.Fi

2015-12-24 12:30:00  

These Are the Coolest Easter Eggs in Every Marvel Movie

Marvel's Homage To Star WarsMarvel Studios president Kevin Feige is a self-proclaimed Star Wars junkie. He recently said in an interview that he envisioned Phase Two of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) as its Empire Strikes Back. So in honor o

2015-12-24 05:59:00  

Top 25 Games of 2015

The Best This Year Had to OfferAfter spending hours in heated critical debates, our global team of GameSpot editors have created a ranked list of the 25 best video games of 2015. What you'll find here are choices informed by a diverse array of op

2015-12-21 18:10:00  

Weekly Recap: Kojima Signs With Sony for PS4 Exclusive, Destiny Paid Level Boosts

The week in review.Weekly Recap: Kojima Signs With Sony, Destiny Gets Paid Level BoostsClick through the images here to see the week's biggest stories and some you might have missed. Speed upBungie's shooter Destiny is taking a page out of Wo

2015-12-19 11:00:00  

35 Facts About Mario Only Hardcore Fans Will Know

Mario was supposed to be a gunslingerSpace-age weaponry seems entirely out of place in the Mushroom Kingdom, but early Super Mario Bros. planning documents reveal that Mario was initially designed to have access to rocket packs and beam gun power

2015-12-15 20:32:00  

The best geeky shows of the 21st century, ranked

No. 25: Dead Like MeThis early Bryan Fuller gem ran for two seasons on Showtime. After being smashed to death by a flying toilet seat, teenager George (short for Georgia) becomes a grim reaper.Metacritic user rating: 8.3(Photo by: Showtime) N

2015-12-14 22:06:00  

The 20 most badass elves of all time, ranked

No. 20: The elven warriors of WizardsThis 1977 cult classic from Ralph Bakshi hits some, um, strange notes. The characters are formidable, as elves go. But in the negative column: They're only inspired after their leader finds Nazi propaganda and

2015-12-14 17:56:00  

All the JRPGs Coming Out in 2016

If you're a fan of Japanese role-playing games, prepare yourself for an embarrassment of riches waiting for you in 2016. With remasters of classics such as Odin Sphere and Valkyria Chronicles, and new titles from beloved franchises like Final Fan

2015-12-13 15:00:00  

Every Mutant in the New X-Men: Apocalypse Trailer

The New (and Old) MutantsThe first trailer for X-Men: Apocalypse gave us an exciting glimpse of the various characters we can expect to see in the latest entry in the franchise. From returning characters to new ones entirely, there was a lot to s

2015-12-12 14:00:00  

Weekly Recap: Fallout 4 Patch, Xbox One Price Cut, PS4 Outsells Xbox One

Here's a roundup of the week's biggest stories and some you might have missed. Patched UpBethesda RPG Fallout 4 got its first official patch these week across PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. It fixes a number of bugs and other problems. See

2015-12-12 13:00:00  

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