gta online: new classic vehicle, discounts and bonuses

this week in gta online, players can purchase a classic muscle car, earn bonus rp and cash, and take 25% off select items and vehicles.

2017-09-12 08:00:05  

pokemon sun and moon: last mega stone code

this mystery gift code, along with all of the other mega stone codes, will expire in october.

2017-09-12 08:00:05  

mario + rabbids: don't miss every collectible chest in world 2

find power orbs for your skill tree and other collectibles hiding in mario + rabbids kingdom battle.

2017-09-12 08:00:05  

life is strange: before the storm graffiti locations

check out our wiki for how to find all graffiti locations in episode one.

2017-09-12 08:00:05  

how to trigger heroic events in destiny 2

looking for a quick boost to your loot and xp gains? here's how to enhance destiny 2's public events to ramp up the difficulty - and rewards.

2017-09-12 08:00:05  

how to unlock new subclasses in destiny 2

whether you want to harness the power of the void as a hunter or have your warlock shoot lightning from their hands, here's how to unlock all the subclasses in destiny 2.

2017-09-12 08:00:05  

destiny 2: where to find every exotic weapon (so far)

the hunt is on for destiny's most valuable gear - here's where and how to unlock every exotic weapon (that we know of) in destiny 2.

2017-09-12 08:00:05  

monster hunter stories amiibo functionality

see what all amiibo do in monster hunter stories, and read about just how useful they are.

2017-09-12 08:00:05  

here's everything included in the "free" skyrim special edition

skyim special edition is free this weekend on xbox one and pc, check out everything you're getting in this updated adventure.

2017-09-12 08:00:05  

when and where to find xur in destiny 2

here's when and where you can expect to see the exotic merchant in destiny 2.

2017-09-12 08:00:05  

what to expect from the september 13 nintendo direct

Jonathon Dornbush

other than super mario odyssey, here's what we think will — and won't — be showcased during tomorrow's direct.

2017-09-12 06:57:40  

beyond: battlefront 2's writer on spec ops, bioshock, interactive storytelling

Max Scoville

we're joined by walt williams, writer of star wars battlefront 2 and significant zero, a book about his career in games.

2017-09-12 06:30:31  

bungie removing destiny 2 gauntlet with offensive symbol

Alex Osborn

the developer apologized for its inclusion, emphasizing they "renounce hate in all forms."

2017-09-12 06:25:41  

nvc pax panel: let's rank the best nintendo games of all time

Peer Schneider

we enlisted the help of our fans to rank the best nintendo developed or published games ever made. it did not end well.

2017-09-12 05:00:37  

all the news from today's iphone x and iphone 8 event

Alex Osborn

from iphone x and a new cellular-equipped apple watch, there was no shortage of surprises during today's apple event.

2017-09-12 04:33:58  

journey developer thatgamecompany reveals sky

Marty Sliva

it's the studio's first game since 2012's journey.

2017-09-12 01:51:44  

echo may be hitman meets gone home

Tom Marks

this third-person stealth game puts an emphasis on story… and choking out your clones.

2017-09-12 12:00:43  

more with gearbox ceo randy pitchford (aliens, battleborn, etc.!)

Ryan McCaffrey

the gearbox ceo returns to talk aliens: colonial marines, battleborn, the future of borderlands, and much more!

2017-09-12 12:00:04  

vince mcmahon added to wwe 2k18 playable roster

Alex Gilyadov

vince mcmahon will once again be playable in wwe 2k18.

2017-09-12 11:59:06  

okami hd confirmed and dated for ps4, xbox one and pc

Joe Skrebels

the classic adventure is back for its third console generation.

2017-09-12 11:00:17  

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