at native american prayer camp, palestinian refugees share stories and build connections

Amith Gupta

palestinian refugees from the refugee camps of lebanon met with members of the ramapough lenape tribe on friday, september 1r for a communal dialogue about joint indigenous struggle, tactics, and future collaboration. the stop was at the inaugur

2017-09-23 12:58:21  

ten days of awe: standing with whom?

Alice Rothchild

during the high holidays, jews must consider the nature of the state that claims to speak in their name: political zionism in practice in israel has produced a settler colonial state founded on the basis of establishing an arab free state, wher

2017-09-23 10:46:38  

high holidays? meh

Philip Weiss

on the high holidays, phil weiss notices that few of his jewish friends are observant. one went camping. another made a comment about their buddhist spouse. a third made a blasphemous joke with pleasure: it took 2000 years for the jews to get ch

2017-09-23 10:01:45  

why the split inside the democratic party over bds needs to happen

Philip Weiss

for 50 years the democratic party establishment has been able to stifle pro-palestinian efforts as too radical for us politics. that red line is breaking down today though, as the permanent occupation marked its 50th anniversary, bds gains adher

2017-09-22 11:36:38  

believing in hope in gaza. even when hope lies

Anas Jnena and Pam Bailey

young people in gaza are at the end of their rope spiritually after three wars and 10 years of blockade. they want to find a sliver of hope in the news that the hamas government is in talks with the fatah faction in the west bank, possibly endin

2017-09-22 11:13:56  

defying families, israel moves four palestinians’ bodies to anonymous ‘cemetery of numbers’

Sheren Khalel

remains of four palestinians that are subject of court case from their families were buried by israeli in a “cemetery of numbers," with only numbers marking their graves, instead of being turned over to the families. azhar abu srour has not

2017-09-22 09:49:49  

is yiddish the language of the jewish soul?

Abba Solomon

abba solomon see the film, the golden age of second avenue, a documentary love poem for yiddish theater in nyc, from 1890s-1930s, as part of an effort to save the yiddish legacy of new york's lower east side and observes, "the weight of mem

2017-09-21 11:37:00  

writers and artists declare solidarity with persecuted palestinian poet dareen tatour

Jesse Rubin

jesse rubin reports from a standing-room-only event in brooklyn on free speech and palestine solidarity in support of dareen tatour, a palestinian poet under house arrest whose case has come to symbolize the absurdity of israel’s selectively gua

2017-09-21 10:21:42  

‘i will make half of you disabled and let the other half push wheelchairs’ — israeli commander to palestinians


al jazeera reports on the increase in palestinian injuries in one west bank refugee camp: most of the gunshot wounds were directed at the lower limbs of the youth in the camps, now commonly referred to as "kneecapping." residents of t

2017-09-21 08:32:12  

rachel maddow’s lineup of crazy u.n. speeches spotlights arafat– and leaves out netanyahu!

Philip Weiss and Scott Roth

if you are going to make a list of crazy un speeches, you really have to twist yourself into a pretzel not to mention benjamin netanyahu's theatrics. rachel maddow on msnbc does the pretzel: she overlooks netanyahu's cartoon bomb and 44 seconds

2017-09-20 05:15:59  

jews have religious commandment to support israel and fight bds — american jewish committee

Philip Weiss

the sound of the shofar at rosh hashanah in the synagogue is a "wake-up call" to jews to support the "jewish homeland" israel, and fight the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement, says david harris, of the american jewis

2017-09-20 10:23:31  

released from pa jail, issa amro warns online censorship law threatens last line of defense against israel

Sheren Khalel

sheren khalel reports: released from prison a week ago, issa amro has jumped right back into work. at a small house atop a hill in the tel rumeida neighborhood of hebron he sat gathered in a circle with activists, ngo workers, a lawyer and frien

2017-09-20 09:41:43  

netanyahu, say hi from me to the penguins in antarctica

Jonathan Ofir

jonathan ofir responds to benjamin netanyahu's speech to the un where he said he wanted to visit antartica because he heard penguins are enthusiastic supporters of israel: "those penguins, they would completely know what’s what. black and w

2017-09-20 09:00:22  

read netanyahu’s un speech, which praises trump to the skies and matches his north korea hyperbole on iran

Mondoweiss Editors

israeli pm netanyahu was seen nodding during donald trump's speech to the un, and he later praised it to the skies. "i’ve listened to countless speeches in this hall, but i can say this: none were bolder, none more courageous and forthright

2017-09-19 08:17:54  

elisha wiesel’s rosh hashanah remembrance

Marc H. Ellis

elisha wiesel's rosh hashanah remembrance of his late father eli wiesel puts recognition of the "jewish state of israel" on a par with the rights of undocumented immigrants in the u.s. and fails to reckon with his father's complicity i

2017-09-19 01:38:03  

solidarity with dareen tatour now hot issue in israel’s cultural wars

Yoav Haifawi

hundreds of palestinians are arrested, interrogated, and sentenced to israeli prisons for their pronouncements made on facebook each year. but the most absurd case of them is that of poet dareen tatour. yoav haifawi reports from an solidarity ev

2017-09-19 12:16:36  

‘nyt’ piece on nationalism as a cause for ethnic cleansing leaves out the nakba

Philip Weiss

amanda taub's smart piece in the nyt on ethnic cleansing as an inevitable consequence of national "self-determination" cites examples of rohingya, roma, jews and muslims. the glaring omission is the nakba, the expulsion of 700,000+ pal

2017-09-19 11:25:16  

how netanyahu’s son became the poster boy for white supremacists

Jonathan Cook

the eldest son of israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has found himself an unlikely poster boy for david duke, a former ku klux klan leader, and the neo-nazi website daily stormer. the affinity between netanyahu’s israel and the west’s far

2017-09-19 09:08:59  

netanyahu slathers praise on trump for making us-israel relationship ‘stronger and deeper’

Philip Weiss

the netanyahu-trump meeting in a hotel at the sidelines of the united nations in new york today was marked by trump's blather about the "fantastic" two-state solution and fulsome praise by netanyahu of trump clearly intended to show th

2017-09-18 09:28:33  

video: once thriving palestinian valley destroyed by wastewater from israeli settlements

Yumna Patel and Akram Al-Wa'ra

wadi qana was once a lush valley filled with diverse crops and livestock where dozens of palestinian families farmed and thrived off the land. now after years of israeli settlements dumping their wastewater in the area, there is little life left

2017-09-18 09:02:53  

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