woman who said hobby lobby cotton decoration is racist speaks out after widespread backlash

Chris Enloe

when daniell rider posted to facebook about a cotton decoration she saw in hobby lobby, she had no idea her post would become one of…

2017-09-23 06:34:37  

nancy pelosi says gop only ‘misleads’ americans on health care reform — then she gets hit with facts

Chris Enloe

in the fight to reform health care, house minority leader nancy pelosi (d-calif.) is doing everything in her power to discredit republicans and the trump…

2017-09-23 03:56:29  

tim allen reveals truth of what happened to ‘last man standing’ in new interview

Chris Enloe

comedian tim allen recently revealed the truth of what happened to his hit-abc show “last man standing,” after it was abruptly cancelled earlier this year.…

2017-09-23 01:46:57  

the nfl and social media unload on trump after controversial national anthem protest comments

Chris Enloe

social media erupted on friday after president donald trump decried nfl players who protest the national anthem, such as quarterback colin kaepernick. what did he…

2017-09-23 12:21:44  

millionaire elizabeth warren confronted in hallway for being ‘hypocrite’ — her response says it all

Chris Enloe

massachusetts sen. elizabeth warren (d), a devout progressive, was confronted recently over her hypocrisy on america’s top “one percent” of income earners. her response said…

2017-09-23 10:56:32  

surrounding protesters start smashing up your car. you fear for your life. what can you legally do?

Dave Urbanski

a growing trend in our protest-fevered country is the practice of demonstrators blocking traffic and preventing drivers from getting to work, parents from picking up…

2017-09-23 10:00:57  

this celebrity says kylie jenner should have an abortion, calls pregnancy a ‘good business move’

Sarah Taylor

perez hilton, celebrity gossip blogger, addressed kylie jenner’s reported pregnancy in a video on friday night after news broke that the “keeping up with the…

2017-09-23 09:30:39  

media spread fake news that russia ‘hacked’ ‘election results’ — but here’s the truth

Chris Enloe

what happened? several mainstream media outlets reported friday that the u.s. government recently confirmed that russian government “cyber actors” attempted to hack the 2016 election…

2017-09-23 09:01:58  

jimmy kimmel’s credibility on health care questioned after this revelation

Carlos Garcia

jimmy kimmel has been applauded by many for his passionate missives against the gop’s latest obamacare repeal effort, the graham-cassidy bill, but a new revelation…

2017-09-23 08:05:23  

marc lamont hill calls trump’s nfl protest comments ‘vile and disgusting’

Carlos Garcia

temple university professor and cnn contributor marc lamont hill blasted president donald trump for the comments he made at a huntsville, alabama, rally friday deriding…

2017-09-23 07:45:35  

bill maher explains why texas shouldn’t receive federal aid after harvey

Sarah Taylor

bill maher, liberal host of hbo’s “real time,” raised some eyebrows during the friday airing of his show when he complained that he feels it’s…

2017-09-10 05:49:37  

bill nye blames powerful hurricanes on climate change — then a real scientist shuts him down

Chris Enloe

with two major hurricanes striking the united states in just two weeks, many liberals and climate change alarmists have pointed to man-made climate change as…

2017-09-10 04:39:02  

hillary clinton reveals her future plans for candidacy — you have to hear what she said

Sarah Taylor

former democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton revealed in a wide-ranging interview on sunday to cbs’ jane pauley that she is “done” being a candidate. during…

2017-09-10 03:00:28  

gun control org instructs people not to shoot at hurricane irma — the responses are hilarious

Chris Enloe

a tweet instructing people not to shoot at hurricane irma has gone viral, but it’s the tweet’s replies that keep people coming back. gun control…

2017-09-10 02:34:42  

hillary clinton finds more excuses for why she lost to trump — including man you’d never expect

Chris Enloe

for hillary clinton, the list of reasons she lost to now-president donald trump last november is never ending. and now the former leading presidential candidate…

2017-09-10 12:18:45  

video: hurricane irma is so strong that it literally made the ocean around this island disappear

Chris Enloe

hurricane irma had the caribbean and unites states in its sights for about two weeks before making landfall. as a rapidly strengthening storm in the…

2017-09-10 10:45:52  

liberals and conservatives come together in solidarity to offer condolences to eric bolling

Chris Enloe

it a rare scene of solidarity, media members from both political spectrums took time saturday to offer their condolences to eric bolling after news broke…

2017-09-10 09:06:57  

eric bolling publicly responds to news of his son’s death. here’s what he said.

Chris Enloe

former fox news host eric bolling took the time to address his millions of supporters saturday amid what must be the toughest time of his…

2017-09-09 07:12:46  

kamala harris shames doj for siding with christian cake baker — then twitter hits back with truth

Chris Enloe

sen. kamala harris (d-calif.) was raked over the coals on social media over the weekend after she seemingly advocated against the first amendment’s protection of…

2017-09-09 06:32:06  

just one day after being fired from fox news, absolute tragedy hits eric bolling’s family

Chris Enloe

just one day after eric bolling was fired from his longtime position as a network host at fox news, news broke that his 19-year-old son…

2017-09-09 03:25:30  

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