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2017-03-01 06:01:24  

congress: all the latest news

2017-03-01 06:01:24  

what isis fighters think of trump

Amarnath Amarasingam

the president has given terrorist groups a propaganda victory beyond their wildest dreams.

2017-03-01 05:10:27  

how the ultimate d.c. insider penetrated trump's white house (Josh Dawsey)

sen. rob portman and the gop establishment have quietly stocked the new administration with close allies.

2017-03-01 05:08:45  

was this the trump that could win in 2020? (Edward-Isaac Dovere)

forty days into his term, the president won acclaim for delivering a presidential speech.

2017-03-01 05:04:48  

what trump didn’t say in his address to congress (Annie Karni)

missing were many staples of a trump speech along with many of the things we have come to expect from the president's annual speech to congress.

2017-03-01 12:54:02  

how trump’s disciplined speech came together (Josh Dawsey)

the president prepared for days, edited until the final hours and managed to stick to a script.

2017-03-01 12:53:16  

democrats: trump wasn't crazy, but let's see if he keeps it up (Elana Schor)

‘we’ll wait for the early morning tweets. let’s see how they look,’ says one democratic leader.

2017-03-01 12:33:40  

trump tries on normal

Shane Goldmacher

sticking to the teleprompter, he embraces a more polished and traditionally presidential tone.

2017-02-28 11:39:16  

trump finds a new tone

Jeff Greenfield

for the first time, he sounds like an optimistic normal president. as for the words — well, don't look too closely.

2017-02-28 11:04:40  

handicapping trump's huge promises (John Bresnahan)

here are politico's odds on what from his speech to congress is a pipe dream — and what could actually become law.

2017-02-28 10:06:25  

trump hits the reset button (Eli Stokols)

the president's hope-infused address before congress was the most unifying moment of his divisive and chaotic first 39 days in office.

2017-02-28 08:51:09  

key moments from trump's speech (Matthew Nussbaum)

the president talks immigration and health care, but the most memorable moment comes from a member of his audience.

2017-02-28 08:14:35  

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