Chandra Finds Remarkable Galactic Ribbon Unfurled

An extraordinary ribbon of hot gas trailing behind a galaxy like a tail has been discovered using data from NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory.

2015-12-21 14:01:43  

What Spawned the Jellyfish Nebula?

New Chandra observations show that the explosion that created the Jellyfish Nebula, also known by its official name IC 443, may have also formed a peculiar object located on the southern edge of the remnant, called CXOU J061705.3+222127, or J0617

2015-12-10 18:00:00  

A Precocious Black Hole

In July 2015, researchers announced the discovery of a black hole that grew much more quickly than its host galaxy. The discovery calls into question previous assumptions on development of galaxies. The black hole was discovered using the Hubble

2015-11-27 15:35:00  

Where Alice in Wonderland Meets Albert Einstein

The latest results from the “Cheshire Cat” group of galaxies show how manifestations of Einstein’s 100-year-old theory can lead to new discoveries today.

2015-11-20 21:57:00  

New Perspective on a Galaxy Cluster

The galaxy cluster MS 0735.6+7421 is home to one of the most powerful eruptions ever observed. X-rays detected by NASA's Chandra X-Ray Observatory (blue) show the hot gas that comprises much of the mass of this enormous object. This image is part

2015-10-21 18:00:00  

Banking X-ray Data For The Future

To celebrate American Archive Month, we are releasing a collection of new images from the Chandra archive.

2015-10-08 16:00:00  

A Fresh Perspective on an Extraordinary Cluster of Galaxies

Galaxy clusters are often described by superlatives. After all, they are huge conglomerations of galaxies, hot gas, and dark matter and represent the largest structures in the Universe held together by gravity.

2015-09-30 13:00:00  

Milky Way’s Black Hole Shows Signs of Increased Chatter

Three orbiting X-ray space telescopes have detected an increased rate of X-ray flares from the usually quiet giant black hole at the center of our Milky Way galaxy after new long-term monitoring.

2015-09-23 15:47:00  

Chandra Data Suggest Giant Collision Triggered “Radio Phoenix”

Astronomers have found evidence for a faded electron cloud “coming back to life,” much like the mythical phoenix, after two galaxy clusters collided.

2015-08-26 15:00:00  

July 23, 1999, Chandra X-ray Observatory Awaits Deployment

This 70mm frame shows the 50,162-pound Chandra X-ray Observatory before it was tilted upward for its release from the Space Shuttle Columbia's payload bay on July 23, 1999, just a few hours following the shuttle's arrival in Earth orbit. Chandra

2015-07-23 16:52:00  

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