immigrant nobel prize winner sir j. fraser stoddart and america's future in science

Stuart Anderson, Contributor

in 2016, all six american winners of the nobel prize in economics and scientific fields were immigrants, including chemistry winner sir j. fraser stoddart.

2017-02-21 01:48:00  

how protecting the donald is bankrupting the treasury

Cartoon Of The Day, Contributor

$97 million were spent to protect president barack obama during his eight years in office. at the current rate, protecting donald trump and his family will cost hundreds of millions more. cartoon by ed hall.

2017-02-21 01:29:00  

drive revenue with great cx -- and math

Forrester, Contributor

this is how to calculate the relationship between cx and revenue.

2017-02-21 01:23:00  

6 steps to clean up your data swamp

Daniel Newman, Contributor

businesses collect massive amounts of data that can turn into a data swamp if not handled right. here’s how to turn a data swamp back to a usable data lake.

2017-02-21 01:12:00  

scott pruitt lays out a vision for the epa that contradicts its mission

Eric Mack, Contributor

new environmental protection agency administrator scott pruitt addressed epa staff and the media tuesday and in a speech lasting less than fifteen minutes, he spoke mostly about protecting jobs, industry and "the marketplace" and oh ye

2017-02-21 01:10:00  

watch m. bison from 'street fighter ii' get beaten up by a car

Ollie Barder, Contributor

as part of the marketing for toyota’s 2017 c-hr, this car has entered the world of 'street fighter ii' and seems to have a bone to pick with m. bison.

2017-02-21 01:00:00  

latest medical marijuana innovations? six entrepreneurs share their thoughts

Julie Weed, Contributor

28 states offer legal medical marijuana - what's going on behind the scenes?

2017-02-21 12:56:00  

visual geocoding a quarter billion global news photographs using google's deep learning api

Kalev Leetaru, Contributor

traditionally we’ve focused on mapping the geography of text, but through deep learning we now have algorithms that can visually geocode images, recognizing where they were taken and placing them on a map – here’s what it looks like to map a qua

2017-02-21 12:53:00  

bmw, here and mobileye team up to crowd-source hd maps for self-driving

Sam Abuelsamid, Contributor

bmw, here and mobilieye are teaming up to collect data from 2018 cars to provide real-time map updates for future automated vehicles.

2017-02-21 12:40:00  

nintendo does its best to explain the reasoning behind the dlc for 'zelda: breath of the wild'

Ollie Barder, Contributor

with the news that 'zelda: breath of the wild' will feature dlc, it has been met with a very mixed response by fans. in a recent interview, nintendo’s bill trinen does his best to explain the reasoning behind this decision.

2017-02-21 12:30:00  

new iphone 8 camera leak gives apple the edge

Jay McGregor, Contributor

apple has a plan to stand out from the competition.

2017-02-21 12:13:00  

'calexit' is coming! new work graphically depicts california secession

Rob Salkowitz, Contributor

a new politically-charged thriller imagines a progressive resistance movement in renegade california as a fascist regime tries to close its grip on america.

2017-02-21 12:12:00  

seth merrin wired wall street trading and simplifyed asset management

Tom Groenfeldt, Contributor

from paper ledgers for trading to straight-through processing, seth merrin has been a leader in wall street technology.

2017-02-21 12:06:00  

gmos & pesticides versus cigarettes: putting health risks in proper perspective

Quora, Contributor

is smoking cigarettes a greater cancer risk than eating gmo corn containing glyphosate? this question was originally answered on quora by matan shelomi.

2017-02-21 12:01:00  

hulu streams five new 'gundam' series, further adding to the recent mecha anime onslaught

Ollie Barder, Contributor

there really is something going down when it comes to western releases of mecha anime. from both 'dunbine' and 'l-gaim' launched on daisuki to 'giant gorg' on crunchyroll and now it seems that hulu will be streaming five new 'gundam' series.

2017-02-21 12:00:00  

'iodine' pools thousands of reviews to help end the pain of finding medication

Janet Burns, Women@Forbes

the free platform let users compare the actual experience of taking different medications, from side effects and cost to availability and convenience; with the revolutionary app start, it also helps you track them.

2017-02-21 11:55:00  

why chatbots are dangerous territory for retailers

Nikki Baird, Contributor

chattiest are getting a lot of attention in retail, but if retailers aren't careful, these three things will catch them up with consumers.

2017-02-21 11:52:00  

the exclusive gap between ps4 and xbox one has become a canyon

Paul Tassi, Contributor

sony is doing a great job cultivating high-quality exclusive sequels from its storied franchises, but also creating new ips that are also must-have games. the same cannot be said about microsoft and the xbox one.

2017-02-21 11:37:00  

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