latest college graduates enter a more optimistic economy

harvard business school professor mihir desai says the unemployment rate is the lowest its been in a decade. he speaks with npr's michel martin about the increasing options for recent graduates.

2017-05-27 05:52:25  

words of wisdom from 2017 commencement speeches

listen to some advice offered to the class of 2017 from speakers, including hillary clinton at wellesley college, vice president mike pence at the u.s. naval academy and actor will ferrell at usc.

2017-05-27 05:52:25  

splc has seen rise in hate crime, domestic terrorism attacks

npr's michel martin talks with southern poverty law center intelligence project director heidi beirich about raised concerns of an increase in hate crimes after stabbings in maryland and oregon.

2017-05-27 05:52:24  

barbershop: the unofficial start to summer entertainment

in this week's barbershop, npr's michel martin talks about upcoming offerings in summer entertainment with humor writer luvvie ajayi, journalist kara brown of jezebel and npr's eric deggans.

2017-05-27 05:52:24  

what happens when journalism gets physical

npr's michel martin talks with reporter michelle fields, who was working at a florida campaign rally last year when she was grabbed by donald trump's former campaign manager, corey lewandowski.

2017-05-27 05:52:24  

finding the middle in the incivility war

Vanessa Romo

an assault of a reporter by montana's republican congressman-elect appears to have hurled the public into a new realm of political incivility, raising the question: have we crossed an invisible line?

2017-05-27 05:52:24  

a recap of trump's first week abroad as president

Tamara Keith

after visiting saudi arabia, israel, the palestinian territories, rome and brussels, president trump wrapped up his first international trip since taking office today in sicily with other g7 leaders.

2017-05-27 05:52:24  

jim bunning, hall of fame pitcher and former u.s. senator, dies at 85

Laurel Wamsley

bunning was one of few ballplayers to pitch no-hitters in both leagues; in 1964, he pitched a perfect game. as a politician, the kentuckian was known as cantankerous and staunchly conservative.

2017-05-27 04:53:00  

white house to provide ethics agency with info on waivers for ex-lobbyists

Peter Overby

the tiny office of government ethics, led by walter shaub jr., has scored a victory in its effort to gather information about trump administration employees who were previously lobbyists.

2017-05-27 02:27:00  

5 takeaways from trump's first foreign trip as president

Mara Liasson

president trump returns to the u.s. late saturday. here's a look at key moments and key issues during his week-long trip overseas to the middle east and europe.

2017-05-27 01:19:00  

g7 summit ends without u.s. joining consensus on climate change

Laurel Wamsley

today's communiqué from the summit is unusually short. notably, it says the u.s. "is in the process of reviewing its policies on climate change and on the paris agreement."

2017-05-27 11:30:00  

white supremacist charged with killing 2 in portland, ore., knife attack

Laurel Wamsley

the disturbance began when a man started yelling on train, including slurs at two apparently muslim women. when others tried to intervene, the man stabbed three of them.

2017-05-27 09:45:00  

'man weaves' offer cover for balding men, cash for black hair care industry

Maquita Peters

man weaves, more formally known as cranial prosthesis, are a non-surgical procedure by barbers to help balding men. they're growing in popularity as more men opt to spend up to $800 to "regain" hair.

2017-05-27 08:06:00  

two scientists, two different approaches to saving bees from poison dust

Dan Charles

two scientists agree that pesticide-laden dust from planting equipment kills bees. but they're proposing different solutions, because they disagree about whether the pesticides are useful to farmers.

2017-05-27 08:00:03  

former high school dropout joins peace corps, helps new dropouts

Vicky Hallett

stefani mccoy had it with school when she was a teenager. she turned her life around — and now she's helping namibia's dropouts do the same.

2017-05-27 07:00:03  

nacho cheese sauce tainted with botulism kills california man

Michaeleen Doucleff

an outbreak of botulism caused by nacho cheese sauce from a gas station has hospitalized nine people and killed one man in northern california.

2017-05-23 12:45:28  

loud bangs triggered rush for the exit in deadly incident at english concert

Frank Langfitt

fatalities have been reported after an explosion at an ariana grande concert in manchester, england. 'everyone just fled," says one concertgoer. "people were just running all over the place."

2017-05-22 11:23:15  

reporter: blast hit arena full of young girls at u.s. pop star's concert

Audie Cornish

all things considered host audie cornish speaks to the financial times' andy bounds about the latest in a deadly incident at an ariana grande show in manchester, england.

2017-05-22 09:50:00  

at least 19 killed, 50 injured in incident at pop concert in england

Frank Langfitt

police in manchester, england, say they're investigating the reported explosion at a show by american singer ariana grande as a terrorist attack until they know otherwise.

2017-05-22 09:37:00  

president trump's budget proposal calls for deep cuts to education

Anya Kamenetz

the white house is expected to ask for big cuts, push school choice and change student loan repayment. but presidents have rarely succeeded in cutting the education department budget.

2017-05-22 09:02:00  

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