espionage insiders: the existential threat

Presented by Open Road Films Snowden

dark web expert dan patterson explains what edward snowden’s leak revealed about the intentions of the nsa—and our

2016-09-15 01:47:00  

snowden in theaters tomorrow

Presented by Open Road Films Snowden

starring joseph gordon-levitt and directed by oliver stone. get your tickets now!

2016-09-15 12:01:00  

the night we almost lost arkansas — a 1980 nuclear armageddon that almost was

Andrew O'Hehir

author eric schlosser and filmmaker robert kenner on the nuclear-missile accident that could have killed millions

2016-09-14 07:00:00  

“sixteen candles” is begging for the “ferris bueller” treatment: 13 ’80s movies crying out for reissued — or long overdue — so

Annie Zaleski

a deluxe vinyl "labyrinth" release? the promised remastered "purple rain?" fans would eat these albums up

2016-09-14 06:59:00  

new york ag eric schneiderman opens inquiry into trump foundation

Taylor Link

trump's campaign says the investigation is politically motivated

2016-09-14 05:15:00  

u.s. boosts military aid to israel to $3.8 billion per year in largest package in u.s. history

Ben Norton

u.s. is giving $38b over the next 10 years, while israel expands illegal settlements on occupied palestinian land

2016-09-14 05:04:00  

watch: pastor at black church interrupts trump’s clinton bashing

Sophia Tesfaye

"i invited you here to thank us for what we've done in flint, not give a political speech"

2016-09-14 04:52:00  

donald trump cut hillary clinton’s lead in half in a matter of weeks, quinnipiac poll reveals

Brendan Gauthier

clinton was ahead by 10 points; in august, by september, trump whittled the deficit to just five

2016-09-14 04:16:00  

can streaming #savenelly? fan campaign shows how tough the revenue model is on artists

Scott Timberg

the fight to help the rapper with his tax bill sounds good — too bad streaming royalties are so abysmally low

2016-09-14 03:50:00  

gop rep. steve king slams colin kaepernick: “this is activism that is sympathetic to isis”

Sophia Tesfaye

"i understand that he has an, umm, islamic girlfriend that is his fiance and that this has changed him"

2016-09-14 03:38:00  

“south park” still has teeth: 20 seasons in, the cartoon’s irreverent insights keep landing

Melanie McFarland

previews indicate the black lives matter movement is top of mind for "south park's" 20th-season premiere

2016-09-14 03:34:00  

“someone quit ‘south park’ on isaac hayes’ behalf. we don’t know who”: 5 things we learned from thr’s “south park” oral histor

Brendan Gauthier

the hollywood reporter talks to matt stone, trey parker and other collaborators on 20 years of "south park"

2016-09-14 03:25:00  

beware the murder stats: why the right will use them to smear black lives matter and how the left can fight back

Daniel Denvir

forthcoming fbi statistics will likely reveal a murder uptick in 2015, but it wasn't caused by black lives matter

2016-09-14 03:12:00  

look again: the day’s most compelling images from around the globe

Salon Staff

fascinating world views from the rio paralympic games to a school in bangkok

2016-09-14 02:55:00  

donald trump drops medical records in dr. oz appearance airing thursday, reports say

Brendan Gauthier

oz called trump "slightly overweight," a source present at the taping told nbc news

2016-09-14 02:36:00  

privacy, the forgotten issue: apathy is making americans vulnerable

Thor Benson

protecting privacy is one of the most vital things a person can fight for — so why aren't more doing it?

2016-09-14 12:18:00  

hacked emails reveal colin powell called gop benghazi investigation a “witch hunt,” trump a “national disgrace and an internat

Sophia Tesfaye

powell also offered pointed criticism of hillary clinton's "hubris" in her handling of private emails

2016-09-14 11:59:00  

a masculine conception: women may not be needed in the future of baby-making

Erin Coulehan

a new study shows sperm can be tricked into fertilizing "pseudo-embryos" that aren't eggs

2016-09-14 10:34:00  

trump supporter who punched 69-year-old protester with oxygen tank sought by police

Sophia Tesfaye

while trump chided hillary clinton for calling some of his supporters "deplorable," some were punching protesters

2016-09-14 09:29:00  

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