dog in love with her santa toy finally got to meet the real thing

Johnny Lieu

it seems like dogs are getting all the early christmas presents this year, meeting real-life versions of their favourite toys. the latest is kya, a shiba from orlando in florida who is in love with her santa toy. this year, her dream came true:

2016-11-27 10:56:17  

'the walking dead' tries to give peace a chance

Laura Prudom

this post contains spoilers for the walking dead season 7, episode 6, titled "swear." to refresh your memory of where we left off, check out our recap of episode 5. did you forget about tara and heath? (i almost had.)  we haven't

2016-11-27 10:19:08  

snapchat's spectacles drops a new snapbot in los angeles

Adario Strange

as the holiday season continues, snap inc. is continuing to roll out spectacles to eager shoppers, and the latest snapbot vending machine has just arrived.  see also: how do snap spectacles work? this one is smack dab in the middle of los a

2016-11-27 10:08:59  

japanese women use bruno mars to prove '24k magic' is ageless

Adario Strange

the happiness virus that is bruno mars is so powerful that it even managed to capture a trio of older japanese women, prompting them to don kimonos and rock out to the singer's latest hit, "24k magic."  at ages 61, 59 and 56, the

2016-11-27 09:21:02  

here's the anti-drone gun of your rambo fantasies

Ariel Bogle

the australian-listed company droneshield has given the internet a closer look at its new portable anti-drone gun or "tactical drone jammer." if you want to look like a real "dude" as you knock pesky drones out of the sky, th

2016-11-27 08:33:44  

here's a royally bizarre theory about how ed sheeran got a cut on his face

Johnny Lieu

singer-songwriter ed sheeran has been relatively anonymous since taking a break from social media nearly one year ago as he works on a highly-anticipated third album. but he has been out and about recently, snapping pictures with fans at gigs as

2016-11-27 08:27:42  

here's the show netflix regrets not acquiring

Saba Hamedy

los angeles — even netflix has programming regrets. though the streaming giant is home to countless popular originals — including the recent gilmore girls revival —  there are still shows the platform wish it had acquired.

2016-11-27 08:11:20  

justin trudeau tempers his comments on castro just a bit

Marcus Gilmer

a day after canadian prime minister justin trudeau broke hearts by praising fidel castro in the wake of the cuban leader's death, everyone's favorite canadian since michael j. fox stood by his comments while making some allowances for castro's d

2016-11-27 07:40:38  

will there be another 'gilmore girls' revival? amy sherman-palladino isn't saying no

Saba Hamedy

los angeles — the final four words have officially been said — but have we seen the last of the gilmore girls? maybe not yet. "we really had a very specific journey in our minds and we fulfilled the journey. so to us, this is th

2016-11-27 07:10:20  

donald trump is lying about illegal votes being cast in the election

Marcus Gilmer

it's hard to say where, exactly, some of his thoughts are coming from. but one thing is for sure: donald trump is lying to himself and to the american public in an extremely dangerous move for an incoming american president.  hours after ve

2016-11-27 07:00:33  

lady gaga talks about breakup with taylor kinney, downsides of fame

Saba Hamedy

los angeles — lady gaga is opening up about the downsides of fame. in a candid interview with cbs news, which aired sunday, gaga discussed everything from her break-up with chicago fire actor taylor kinney to shifting gears for her new alb

2016-11-27 06:46:59  

emily's new maid on 'gilmore girls' is a familiar face

Saba Hamedy

this post contains spoilers about netflix's gilmore girls: a year in the life. los angeles —  you aren't crazy: emily gilmore's new maid berta in gilmore girls: a year in the life is indeed a familiar face. berta, who is seen in all

2016-11-27 06:46:56  

little wombat named george just wants to play with his human friend

Elise Cooper

consider it a cute consolation. among the plethora of of australian wildlife that desperately wants to kill you, the land down under offers some of the most adorable animals on the planet. meet george the wombat, who calls sydney's australian re

2016-11-27 06:39:12  

san francisco's muni transit system hacked, resulting in free rides for all

Adario Strange

the nightmare hacking scenario many have feared has finally happened near the heart of silicon valley: a major rapid transit system has been hacked.  see also: hacker jailed for stealing nude celebrity photos from icloud accounts san franci

2016-11-27 06:26:15  

holocaust-themed performance has olympic champ on thin ice

Marcus Gilmer

an olympic champion ice dancer is learning the hard way that it's probably a good idea to run a potentially controversial idea by a few friends before following through on it. see also: white nationalist trump fans spew anti-semitic tweets at jo

2016-11-27 05:03:47  

'frozen' trailer re-created as a homemade movie

Erika Trombley

we can't let it go — it's been three years since the movie came out, and we still have frozen fever. in tribute to this triumph of disney animation, we remade the frozen trailer as a live-action short.  subscribe to cinefix for more v

2016-11-27 05:00:00  

let's talk about doyle's very meta story arc in 'gilmore girls'

Saba Hamedy

this post contains spoilers about netflix's gilmore girls: a year in the life. los angeles — last we saw doyle, the feminist and former yale daily news editor was ready to go anywhere with girlfriend/partner/love of life paris geller. sad

2016-11-27 04:55:49  

someone in tennessee just won a $420.9 million powerball jackpot

Saba Hamedy

someone in tennessee has another item to add to the list of things to be thankful for. the tennessee lottery announced sunday that one player in the state has won a powerball jackpot of a whopping $420.9 million. $420.9 million powerball jackpo

2016-11-27 04:17:06  

how donald trump profits by keeping his home base in trump tower

Marcus Gilmer

on a holiday weekend featuring headlines about donald trump's profiting off of his impending presidency, one smaller example of those gains lies in trump's own high-rise home.  see also: someone renamed nyc's trump tower 'dump tower' on goo

2016-11-27 03:19:27  

'no man's sky' just planted its flag as a next-gen 'minecraft'

Adam Rosenberg

the foundation update for no man's sky is here, and it's remarkably familiar. didn't minecraft tread this path already? back in may 2009, the game that would eventually be known as minecraft launched as little more than an idea: players could wa

2016-11-27 02:46:58  

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