car: tension high among civilians as violence surges

tens of thousands fled the town of bria after heavy fighting broke out this week in central african republic's south.

2017-05-26 11:06:34  

dalit vs thakur: who is behind the simmering conflict?

what is behind the caste violence in saharanpur district in the northern indian state of uttar pradesh?

2017-05-26 08:57:11  

inquiry sought into isil escape under khalifa haftar

awaqir tribesmen demand answers to how escape from derna and benghazi was possible through haftar-controlled areas.

2017-05-26 08:37:48  

un envoy blasts electricity cuts in gaza

power crisis risks spiraling out of control with devastating consequences for palestinians and israelis alike, un says.

2017-05-26 08:19:41  

egypt launches strikes in libya after minya attack

air raids target camps near derna where armed men responsible for deadly minya attack are alleged to have trained.

2017-05-26 06:29:33  

ramadan: saudi, 30 countries declare saturday first day

ramadan mubarak! saudi arabia officially declares may 27 as the first day of ramadan. pakistan, india start on sunday.

2017-05-26 06:22:42  

sri lanka: buddhist leader stokes anti-muslim tension

spate of recent mosque and muslim-business attacks blamed on hard-line buddhist leader who is now on the run.

2017-05-26 06:11:38  

what's behind the latest crisis in the philippines?

president rodrigo duterte has imposed martial law in mindanao to eliminate the risk of 'contamination' by isil.

2017-05-26 04:56:49  

rival factions clash in libya's tripoli

explosions and artillery fire shatter period of relative calm in the capital amid signs of a split in pro-haftar forces.

2017-05-26 04:50:44  

recent attacks on egypt's christians

2017-05-26 04:44:00  

tense discussions dominate g7 summit in italy

leaders of biggest economies make no effort to hide their divisions on some topics, but unite against armed attacks.

2017-05-26 04:16:55  

'coalition strikes kill 106 civilians' in al mayadeen

monitor says most of those killed were moroccan and syrian nationals who had fled from isil-controlled raqqa.

2017-05-26 03:50:09  

coptic christians killed in minya bus attack

children among bus passengers targeted while going to a monastery in minya province, prompting hunt for the attackers.

2017-05-26 02:52:11  

kenya's ogiek win land case against government

the ogiek people, evicted from the mau forest since colonial times, have won a historic battle in african land rights.

2017-05-26 02:48:05  

tharparkar residents feel ignored after zardari snub

politicians and officials accused of glossing over worsening poverty and child mortality rates in sindh's tharparkar.

2017-05-26 02:33:32  

deadly taliban raid hits kandahar's shah wali kot

assault on shah wali kot base marks third major taliban attack in one week on the military in kandahar province.

2017-05-26 01:35:45  

what is iran's endgame in syria?

we ask close ally of newly re-elected president hassan rouhani and former prominent iranian diplomat, hossein mousavian.

2017-05-26 12:10:31  

is everything really better in canada?

we reveal struggles facing canada’s indigenous people and muslims, and question whether everything is better in canada.

2017-05-26 12:09:39  

mindanao crisis: a city on fire

all of a sudden, the philippines is grappling with the spectre of isil and, for some, marcosian authoritarianism.

2017-05-26 11:29:16  

newsgrid - al jazeera's interactive news hour

live every day at 15:00 gmt, our interactive news bulletin gives you the opportunity to engage with our team directly.

2017-05-26 10:49:49  

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