pole dance in china, non-sexual form of dance and acrobatics

the 19-year-old instructor started learning pole dance two years ago, but he has made a name for his outstanding dancing skills. xiao zhao felt quite proud and confident in choosing pole dance as his career. pole dance is a form of performing ar


london to host 2017 paralympic athletics world championships

london, dec. 19 (xinhua) -- london has won the right to host the 2017 paralympic athletics world championships, which will be held at the olympic stadium. the british capital thus has become the first city to host the world athletics champion


yearender: chinese badminton's glory overshadowed by match-fixing scandal

beijing, dec. 18 (xinhua) -- it was the best of times, it was the worst of times. in the year of 2012, the chinese badminton team won both thomas & uber cups and made a clean sweep of olympic gold medals for the first time, while their victor


li na 'playing herself' in 2012 as compatriots pale

in a year of surprises, from roger federer's 17th grand slam and andy murray's first major victory to serena williams' golden slam, the biggest story with chinese tennis was still li na playing herself in 2012. the superstar, who became the f


people enjoy themselves on ice in winter

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time to abandon olympic obsession

possible removal of table tennis and badminton from the olympics may have only a short-term impact on the two sports, and what really matters is their popularity. the rumor that table tennis and badminton may be removed from the olympics has


ding junhui takes scottish crown

ding junhui won his first title of the season by beating anthony mcgill 4-2 in the final of the scottish open in ravenscraig, part of the betfair european tour. mcgill, from nearby glasgow, enjoyed a miraculous run to the final but came up sh


go ice skating! let's have fun in taoranting park in beijing

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