park geun-hye certain to win s. korean presidency: local media

seoul, dec. 19 (xinhua) -- park geun-hye of south korea's ruling saenuri party is poised to win the tightly contested presidential election wednesday and become the first female leader of the country, local media reported. park, the 60-year-o


'jump' to 2013!

edited and translated by wang xin, people's daily online the famous photography collection "philippe halsman's jump book" by philippe halsman records a group picture of 'jumping moment'. he believes "in each jump, the body inst


the last minutes of s.korean presidential election: she or he?

moon jae-in, south korean presidential candidate of the democratic united party and park geun-hye, presidential candidate of conservative and right wing ruling saenuri party participated in the final round of presidential television debate in se


military parade on qatar's national day

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polls open in tight south korean presidential election

seoul, dec. 19 (xinhua) -- polls opened early wednesday morning in south korea's closely contested presidential election, which pits the daughter of a military strongman against a former human rights lawyer once jailed for protesting his rule.


dubai's new hotel crowned world's tallest hotel

dubai, dec. 17 (xinhua) -- the guinness world records association acknowledged monday the recently opened 354.7-meter jw marriott marquis in dubai as the world's tallest hotel. the five-star hotel's general manager rupprecht queitsch received


u.s. house speaker eyes 'plan b' for 'fiscal cliff'

washington, dec. 18 (xinhua)-- u.s. house speaker john boehner said on tuesday that he will move to a backup option for the fiscal woes due in january while remained hopeful a broader deal can be reached with the president barack obama. boehn


dprk commemorates late leader kim jong il

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lifting us' veil of 'peace defender'

on dec. 12, the united states formally recognized the newly formed national coalition for syrian revolutionary and opposition forces (ncsrof) as the legitimate representative of the syrian people. however, will greater u.s. involvement bring pea



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ban ki-moon moves to "new" office at un headquarters

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chinese language specialists become popular in kazakhstan

following the rapid development of china-kazakhstan relations in recent years, personnel and cultural exchanges between the two countries have become more and more frequent. the specialists of the chinese language are becoming increasingly popul


shocking school shooting across the world in recent years

the sandy hook elementary school massacre that occurred in u.s. on dec 15, 2012. a young man killed his mother at home, and then 20 children and six adults at school, before he committed suicide. the latest u.s. school shooting rampage shocked t


arab league official rules out nato's intervention in syria

cairo, dec. 17 (xinhua) -- arab league (al) deputy secretary general ahmed ben helli on monday ruled out the possibility of nato's intervention in syria, official mena news agency reported. during a meeting with a nato delegation, led by nato


palestinians hold rally for release of two prisoners in israeli jails

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egypt's newly-appointed prosecutor general submits resignation

cairo, dec. 17 (xinhua) -- egypt's newly-appointed prosecutor general, talat ibrahim abdullah, submitted his resignation to the head of supreme council of justice on monday, state tv reported. the resignation came hours after a fresh protest


horrific connecticut school shooting rekindles gun control debate in u.s.

washington, dec. 17 (xinhua) -- the latest shooting rampage in the u.s. state of connecticut, in which 20 schoolchildren were cold-bloodedly gunned down on friday, has rekindled the nation's debate on gun control. but it remains to be seen if th


dprk top leader congratulates on workers of satellite launch project

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japan's abe attends press conference in tokyo

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unforgettable moments you cannot miss in december(ⅲ)

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