o.j. simpson's former houseguest kato kaelin is now an extremely angry milwaukee brewers fan

Ted Berg

“we r pukepuke,” writes the star of the 1987 australian comedy ‘beach fever.’

2017-07-21 12:15:36  

a shark expert breaks down michael phelps's chances racing a shark

Charles Curtis

we asked a biologist to help us handicap the race.

2017-07-21 11:57:09  

this is why tour de france cyclists are high-fiving a man dressed as the devil

Nina Mandell

tour de france cyclists weren’t high-fiving just any fan dressed like the devil. didi senft, perhaps the tour’s best-known fan, (...)

2017-07-21 11:39:33  

wwe champ jinder mahal about to compete in 'most dangerous match' in wwe history

Josh Barnett

to win, a competitor must climb through the door of the first cage and into the second and then scale that cage, go over the top and reach (...)

2017-07-21 10:55:25  

there's a subtle nfl reference hidden in 'game of thrones' that you never noticed until now

Charles Curtis

did you catch that reference in the hbo series?

2017-07-21 10:22:20  

dale earnhardt jr. is facing his last chance for an elusive win at the brickyard

Michelle R. Martinelli

the indianapolis track is “sacred in motor sports,” he said.

2017-07-21 10:10:32  

how two people behind 'last chance u' would fix college sports

Chris Korman

both of them would try to support players better, but in different ways.

2017-07-21 09:17:23  

anthony davis hilariously does the #drivebydunkchallenge in a random driveway

Charles Curtis

the drive-by dunk challenge made it to the nba.

2017-07-21 09:15:34  

british open bartender explains why warm beer is better than american 'water' beer

Luke Kerr-Dineen

“they taste like water compared to these.”

2017-07-21 09:02:20  

pro tennis player stops mid-match to do some important parenting for her daughter

Charles Curtis

patty schnyder signaled to her husband in the middle of a match.

2017-07-21 08:00:16  

shaq calls his flashing, glowing shoes 'the real big baller brand'

Charles Curtis

a little dig at lavar ball to go along with some amazing kicks.

2017-07-21 07:38:25  

dodgers organist plays linkin park's 'numb' to honor chester bennington

Alysha Tsuji

chester bennington died at the age of 41.

2017-07-20 11:26:28  

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