former librarian now a laguna food pantry volunteer 6 days a week for 7 years


laguna beach – marianna hof was sorting meat at the laguna food pantry when a tall, blond man next to her burst into tears. “i’m so embarrassed,” he told her, holding his hands to cover his face. hof hugged him and listened. he told her his...

2016-09-12 11:37:00  

9/11 changed everything, right? depends on whom you ask

there is an easy answer, the one we knew in our hearts the instant we saw the planes and the buildings and the death. if somebody asks what changed after 9/11, the word we’re supposed to use is this: everything. in some ways, it’s even true....

2016-09-12 09:15:00  

in jail for 6 years and never charged with a crime, is this the year he's set free?


the judge simply does not believe that the black duffel bag, the one stuffed with $360,540 cash from zulmai nazarzai’s closet, mysteriously disappeared on that summer day six years ago. and, really, it’s hard to blame him. “the most incredulous.

2016-09-12 09:10:00  

obama, hill leaders meet ahead of federal funding deadline


washington – president barack obama is meeting with the top four leaders of congress ahead of a month’s-end deadline to fund the government or face a shutdown, and with money all but gone to address the worsening zika crisis. the white house...

2016-09-12 08:59:53  

ahead of truce, assad vows to retake syria from 'terrorists'


beirut – syrian president bashar assad vowed on monday that his government would take back land from “terrorists” and rebuild the country in remarks made just hours before the start of a cease-fire brokered by the united states and russia. ...

2016-09-12 08:53:53  

how china's silence reinforces its north korea calculus


beijing – north korea’s biggest nuclear test, conducted last week less than 50 miles from the chinese border, sent tremors through homes and schools in china’s northeast. but hours later, there was no mention of the test on china’s state-run...

2016-09-12 08:00:00  

voices: 280 tribes are represented in the north dakota pipeline protest. here are some of them


near cannon ball, n.d. – when visitors turn off a narrow north dakota highway and drive into the sacred stone camp, where thousands have come to protest an oil pipeline, they thread through an arcade of flags whipping in the wind. each represent

2016-09-12 08:00:00  

is the death penalty in america gradually dying?


washington – is the death penalty in america gradually dying? there have been just two executions since may 1 and the total for 2016 probably will hit a 25-year low. execution drug shortages, sometimes grotesque errors in death chambers and lega

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party line phone

pick up the receiver on the old-style telephones in the markethouse on main street, u.s.a. you can hear a party-line conversation just like in the 1890s.

2016-09-12 03:01:00  

biz briefly: boeing donates supplies to los al unified; new director at choc heart institute

backpack donation boeing employees at the seal beach facility recently donated backpacks and school supplies to students in the los alamitos unified school district. the donation drive for supplies was held july 27. the district received over 40

2016-09-12 03:00:00  

seeking technology riches? hear what this investor says


in an era of technological breakthrough, it’s not easy to pick what will be a successful new idea. tech coast angels is an irvine-based network of about 300 investors who put money in the earliest stages of entrepreneurial growth. in its two...

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never forget: oc firefighter's 9/11 tribute in fullerton grows with the years


there wasn’t much space available on the front yard of scott townley’s fullerton home, what with the thousands of u.s. flags and hundreds of wooden crosses and plaques strewn across the orange county fire authority firefighter’s lawn every...

2016-09-11 11:36:00  

surfing seizure survivor to lifeguards: 'thanks for my life'


the last thing scott atkinson recalls was waving to his teenage son nate before paddling back out to rejoin nate in the lineup and catch more waves at doheny state beach. as he paddled, dad had no hint he was about to black out. olivia boisen, a

2016-09-11 07:47:00  

11 ways orange county housing didn't wilt this summer


it doesn’t look like orange county housing wilted in the summertime heat. late august market data show trends that seem to generally stick to the 2016 theme – buyers are largely ignoring frustratingly low inventories of existing homes for sale..

2016-09-11 03:00:00  

boiler explosion at bangladesh factory kills at least 23


tongi, bangladesh – a boiler explosion in a cigarette packaging factory outside dhaka enveloped the five-story building in flames early saturday, killing at least 23 people, fire officials said. the blaze was the latest in a series of industrial

2016-09-11 08:00:00  

endurance swimmer cancels record swim attempt due to winds

sacramento – an endurance swimmer ended her attempt on saturday to become the first woman to accomplish the longest solo, unassisted swim after facing high winds during the 93-mile swim from sacramento to tiburon on the western edge of san...

2016-09-11 08:00:00  

last of sept. 11 artifacts given away


new york – behind the barbed wire, the white minivan’s busted windows and crumpled roof hint at its story. but forklifted to this windblown spot on the john f. kennedy international airport tarmac, between a decommissioned 727 and an aircraft...

2016-09-11 08:00:00  

unity, leadership needed 15 years after 9/11


for many of us who came of age before september 11, 2001, little has been more depressing than the sight of our initial upsurge of unity and optimism giving way over time to the unparalleled cynicism, pessimism and political division of today. i

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cartoons: never forget 9/11

2016-09-11 03:00:00  

here's how el torito owner real mex will remake 3 aging mexican chains


byron lev watches in awe as a who song and larry’s bartender pours a fruity vodka concoction over a skull-shaped cotton candy blob inside a pop rocks-rimmed martini glass. as the liquor dissolves the puffy, baby blue confection, the new cocktail

2016-09-11 03:00:00  

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