justine damond death: minneapolis police chief resigns

minneapolis police chief janeé harteau announced her resignation friday at mayor's request following the shooting of australian woman justine damond, 40, who called 911.

2017-07-21 07:59:22  

small sea plane lands in new york's east river

ten people, including television screenwriter bill lawrence, were rescued from a small sea plane that crash landed in the east river in new york on friday afternoon, according to authorities.

2017-07-21 07:57:48  

wildlife photographer says famous monkey selfie ruined him

dave slater was battling 45-degree heat in indonesia, 50 miles from the equator, carrying camera equipment and soggy jaffa cakes for sustenance when he saw the monkey.

2017-07-21 07:51:28  

bob geldof's greatest success, tiger lily, turns 21

tiger lily hutchencegeldof, orphaned daughter of paula yates and michael hutchence has avoided the public eye but recently posed naked for british photographer kate bellm.

2017-07-21 07:46:46  

good housekeeping institute: rid garage of clutter

garages ends up crammed with clutter – with little room for the car. but families shouldn’t be leaving household items there, say domestic experts at the good housekeeping institute.

2017-07-21 07:44:20  

scoot cheap tickets from australia to singapore and europe

flexible flyers prepared to book at the drop of the hat could scoop up heavily discounted fares offered by low-cost airline scoot, flying to athens for less than $340 and singapore for only $99.

2017-07-21 07:42:34  

texas mansion worth $1.275m packed with mannequins

a richmond, texas mansion, packed with eccentric art and dozens of lifelike mannequins, has seen many potential buyers in its nine days of listing existence.

2017-07-21 07:40:06  

exposed wood bears likeness to mother theresa

the image, which was found opposite all hallows church in allerton, near liverpool, appears to show a hooded woman with her head bowed.

2017-07-21 07:34:50  

jet2 airline charges you to bring on hand luggage

jet2 introduced a fee to ‘guarantee’ that cabin baggage does not go in the hold and prices start at £2.59 per person per bag each way, so a couple would add at least another £10 to their fare.

2017-07-21 07:33:47  

numerous security policy violations in inmate escape

georgia corrections officials say there were numerous security policy violations that allowed ricky dubose and donnie rowe to escape a georgia prison transport bus and kill two guards.

2017-07-21 07:26:36  

britain's got talent star pudsey the dog is dead

owner ashleigh butler, who won the itv talent show with pudsey in 2012, said on instagram today that she was 'heartbroken' at the passing of her dog aged 11.

2017-07-21 07:21:10  

bee shaffer has hamilton-themed birthday party

the daughter of vogue editrix anna wintour gathered her nearest and dearest for an intimate dinner at her mother's greenwich village townhouse that had a 'hamilton' theme.

2017-07-21 07:17:46  

push to teach drone owners about safety after near misses

everyone who owns or buys a drone will have to sit a driving theory test, the government will announce today. there are concerns there could be a major accident after a sharp rise in near misses.

2017-07-21 07:14:51  

wall street journal writer joseph rago dies in his ny home

new york police discovered the body of joseph rago, 34, a pulitzer prize-winning editorial writer for the wall street journal, at his east village apartment at 7:40pm on thursday.

2017-07-21 07:01:28  

elephant steals gopro left by safari guide in south africa

safari guide frank de beer, 21, spotted the young bull grazing along a dry river bed in hoedspruit limpopo, south africa, and managed to plant the gopro in its path.

2017-07-21 06:56:35  

lapd cop charged with sexual assault of 15-year-old girl

los angeles police officer robert cain, 31, was charged with sexually assaulting a 15-year-old cadet, prosecutors say. he was charged thursday and is expected to be arraigned friday.

2017-07-21 06:55:40  

ukip michelle brown calls labour mp chuka umunna a coconut

michelle brown, a ukip assembly member in north wales, described mr umunna as 'black on the outside, white on the inside' while speaking to her former senior adviser nigel williams.

2017-07-21 06:55:10  

scaramucci says the 'ship is going to go' the right way

gallup says trump has the lowest favorability score of any oval office occupant in modern presidential history six months into the job, and his new coms director said he's 'really well-loved..'

2017-07-21 06:53:37  

one-legged albanian double killer sent home after 14 years

a one-legged albanian double murderer has finally been extradited to his homeland after a taxpayer-funded two-year battle to avoid extradition. saliman barci used a false identity to claim.

2017-07-21 06:53:24  

scaramucci donated to hillary, obama and trump

like his new boss, new white house communications director anthony scaramucci has a long history of campaign contributions to republicans as well as democrats.

2017-07-21 06:53:08  

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