ap top entertainment news at 1:52 p.m. edt

ap top entertainment news at 1:52 p.m. edt

2016-06-19 09:53:30  

group suing to stop lucas museum outlines settlement options

a group suing to block construction of "star wars" filmmaker george lucas' museum on chicago's lakefront is willing to negotiate a settlement to allow the project to proceed, but only under several conditions

2016-06-19 09:53:16  

'star trek' actor anton yelchin dies in car crash at age 27

anton yelchin, a charismatic and rising actor best known for playing chekov in the new "star trek" films, has died at the age of 27

2016-06-19 09:53:15  

gunmen storm brazil hospital; 1 dead, 2 wounded in shootout

brazilian police say armed men stormed a rio de janeiro hospital to free a suspected drug trafficker, sparking a shootout with officers

2016-06-19 09:50:39  

uk referendum campaign resumes in earnest with vote near

britain's long and difficult referendum campaign has resumed in earnest after a three-day halt caused by the killing of labour party lawmaker jo cox in a brazen knife and gun attack

2016-06-19 09:48:13  

gop's trump says us should consider profiling muslims

presumptive republican presidential nominee donald trump says the us should seriously consider practicing racial profiling as a tool to fight terrorism

2016-06-19 09:45:28  

eddie redmayne welcomes first child

the actor announced the news in britain's "the times."

2016-06-19 09:38:01  

trump says us should 'seriously' consider profiling muslims

"we have to start using common sense," he says.

2016-06-19 08:49:55  

nra lobbyist, trump disagree whether club-goers should have been armed

“that defies common sense. it also defies the law.”

2016-06-19 08:45:24  

house homeland security chair: 'disturbing flags' in orlando shooting

house will hold hearings on whether fbi did all it could to prevent the shooting

2016-06-19 08:44:27  

california to fire up burners to battle dead tree epidemic

authorities in california say they'll use large air-blasting incinerators to burn up trees killed by drought and a beetle epidemic ravaging sierra nevada forests

2016-06-19 08:32:27  

could british eu exit be watershed for global economy?

britain's exit from the european union could cause only temporary turmoil in global markets, though economists also envision much darker scenarios

2016-06-19 07:49:12  

teacher: gunman's wife had 'difficulty' understanding things

"noor had difficulty with retention, she had difficulty with conceptualizing."

2016-06-19 07:43:17  

may breaks heat record for 13th consecutive month

president obama warned of the threat of climate change while in yosemite.

2016-06-19 07:04:35  

transcripts of shooter's calls to police to be released

lynch said she'll travel to orlando tuesday.

2016-06-19 06:31:10  

oil bust leaves states with massive well cleanup

the worst oil bust since the 1980s is leaving texas and other states with newly abandoned drilling sites at a time when they have little money to plug wells

2016-06-19 06:29:56  

trump: those with 'even an inclination toward terrorism' shouldn’t buy guns

“i’d like to see that and i’d like to say it," trump told abc news.

2016-06-19 06:09:24  

massive protest on okinawa opposes us military after killing

tens of thousands of japanese have protested the presence of u.s. military bases on the southwestern island of okinawa, where an american contractor is accused of raping and killing a local woman

2016-06-19 06:04:41  

former vanderbilt football player again convicted of rape

a nashville jury has found a former vanderbilt football player guilty on all charges for his role in the rape of unconscious woman he'd been dating

2016-06-18 08:26:50  

2nd zumwalt-class destroyer christened in honor of navy seal

the mother of a fallen navy seal has christened the u.s. navy's second zumwalt-class guided missile destroyer

2016-06-18 10:51:30  

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